I need to work for the OK Tourism Dept.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 026

On Thursday during Spring Break, Jemma and I went on another Girl Scout trip.  We went to northwestern OK.  Our first sight was The Gloss Mountains, sometimes called the Glass Mountains, have a high Selenite content that mimics a shiny glass exterior when the sun hits it just right.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 019

The mountains are out by Fairview, OK.  We hiked to the top using stairs and then walked around on top of the plateau’s.  The elevation is 1651 feet.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 008

It was pretty chilly on top of the mountain.  I wore a long sleeve tshirt, sweatshirt, and a lined jacket with a knit cap.  Jemma was wearing her winter coat and  lined sweatshirt.

The reason these mountains are known by two different names is because the original map from 1873 called them the Glass Mountains and two years later a draftsman was miscopied an “o” for an “a” making them the Gloss Mountains.