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 Justin went to camp the week after VBS.  He was supposed to go to Camp Jam at Pettijohn Springs Christian Camp in Madill, OK.  The director canceled the session Friday night before the session started on Sunday.  He canceled it due to the fact that 14 of his councelors from one church had been exposed to swine flu.  That church even canceled their services that Sunday.  I never did hear if anyone ever got sick.





At the last minute, Justin and his two friends got into camp at Camp Impact which takes place on OC’s campus. 


I took him cookies for a treat one day and he sold them to some of the other campers.

4 Responses to Going to Camp

  • Gena says:

    I’m glad he got into camp after all. I’m cracking up at that age of boys at camp. Hyper, smelly, never changing their underwear the whole week of camp, wonder if they ever took a shower…etc. Did I get it about right?

  • Rachel says:

    It looks so funny to see him in an OC dorm room and read that he’s “at camp”. And I’m laughing at him selling some of his cookies. What a little entrepreneur!

  • Kelly T says:

    That is so funny that he sold the cookies. I was totally going to say he’s quite the entrepreneur, but Rachel beat me to it. Who does he get that from, you or Bill?

  • kay says:

    smart kid, very resourceful(spelling probably wrong)!

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