Super Fan


Last week during Swine Week at Will’s school, they had dress up days.  One day was super fan day.  He borrowed my cheese head and foam finger.  He had his own jersey that he wore wrinkled.  I told him super fans took better care of their jerseys and didn’t get them wrinkled.  Someone else told me super fans slept in their jerseys, so it’s ok that it was wrinkled.


Since the theme to swine week was Star Wars, they had a dress up day for that too.  I made Will’s cape and armor.  He wore a black tshirt and jeans under it.  He didn’t get into dress up days last year, so I’m glad he did this year.

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  • robin says:

    LOL! Mine got into a couple of them but didn’t do Star Wars…it is good when they participate, makes you feel a little better about their school life!

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