Wind Farm

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One of the things we did in Weatherford with the Girl Scouts was tour a wind farm.  They studied wind for a requirement in preparation for their silver award.  In order to make a boring workbook more exciting we had a guy come in a talk to them about kites and then toured the wind farm.

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Each wind turbine is approximately 262 feet tall from the ground to the hub in the center of the blades.  To get to the top, the maintence person has to climb  3 sections of ladders.  The hub weighs 90 tons.

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1/4 section of land, which is 160 acres can have 3 turbines on it.  The land around the turbine can still be used for agricultural purposes.

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Our tour started at the Heartland of America Museum with a video presentation on how they are made.  Then we drove about 5 miles out of town to a farm that allows tours.  Not all farmers allow visitors.

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The blades are 122 feet long.  They are made of fiberglass.


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