Scrape and Paint

So instead of resting and relaxing during fall break, I decided to paint our bedroom.  I scraped the ceilings and then painted walls and ceiling with a color called light rafia from Lowe’s.

I found the curtains on clearance a few weeks ago at Target that matched the bedding I had purchased a couple of years ago.  I picked up curtain rods at Hobby Lobby at 40% off.  Bill painted and cut crown molding as an added touch to our bedroom.  I thought about going a little darker with the paint, but after I got the curtains up and the furniture in place I’m glad I didn’t go any darker.

The goal is to replace the carpet after we redo the bathroom in case we get anything on it then.  There is floor glue on it from when we put the wood floors down.  Butler, our sheltie, managed to step in the glue then step on the carpet in the bedroom. 

This rocking chair was owned by some member of my extended family when she homesteaded in North or South Dakota.

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