Change of Seasons

Spring means track.

Today was Will’s first track meet.

He threw shot put and the discus.  He practiced everyday during spring break.

By the time I got off work he was done throwing the discus, so I didn’t get any pictures of that.  He threw 79 feet 7.5 inches.  He got 6th place.

He placed 3rd in shot put.  He threw 30 feet 6 inches.  He has another track meet Thursday.

Track meets are nice when it is over 70 degrees out and the sun is shining.

5 Responses to Change of Seasons

  • Robin says:

    Yay! A medal!

    Didn’t see you but I was there too. It was Dawson’s first time to do track. The coach recruited him after cross-country because he said no one would do the long runs! LOL

  • Mimi says:

    Nice pictures. Glad you are off to a good start, Will.

  • Rachel says:

    Way to go, Will!
    I love the look of pride beaming from his eyes.
    And I think anything would be fun if the weather was sunny and 70 degrees! I’m patiently waiting for those days here.

  • Marilyn says:

    Yay Will! I’m glad you had such good weather for the meet, track meets are SO much better when the weather is pleasant!

  • Kelly says:

    Great job, Will! We’re proud of you!

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