Amish Picnic

When we were in WI in July we went to the county park to fish and canoe.  The park is about 3 miles from my parents house.   While we were there, an Amish family was there enjoying a picnic and the young boys were fishing.  They drove their horse and buggy to get to the park.   Here are some pictures.












3 Responses to Amish Picnic

  • Holly Austin says:

    AHH, the simple life. So peaceful. Yet strange.

    I love how you were paparazzi!!

  • Kelly T says:

    Amy, you crack me up. Did you ask if you could take their pictures, or just shoot from behind a tree? ha ha, j/k. They are neat pictures.

  • Amy says:

    I actually placed myself so it looked like I was taking pictures of my family and just zoomed in on them.

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