E Coli scare



About 10 days ago we ventured to Frontier City, our local amusement park.  We have only been once before.  One of Bill’s students in summer school graciously gave him 4 free tickets.  We borrowed a parking pass and a park refilllable bottle from friends at church.





The next afternoon the news was reporting that Frontier City had shut down after we had left and didn’t open until later the next day.  One of the water samples they had taken on the day we were there had e coli in it.  YIKES!





We had borrowed the parks refillable cup and had refilled it for $1 all day long with soda pop.  I kept thinking can’t we get water instead for free.  After I had refilled it for the last time I finally found where you could refill it with water for free.  I was  disappointed I hadn’t figured the water thing out earlier in the day.  Needless to say after the news report I was very happy for every $1 refill I had spent.





Jemma is also very picky about the rides she will go on.  I think we traumatized her when we went to Disney World and made her ride everything.






2 Responses to E Coli scare

  • Rachel says:

    Thank goodness for pop! Ok, well maybe just thank goodness no one got sick.
    I had to chuckle when I saw the top picture with the “I’m a teenager who’s so excited to be taking this family picture” look on Will’s face. That kid is big and growing so fast.

  • OK Chick says:

    I used to love to drive the old cars. It was always fun.
    I’m happy to hear that no one has gotten sick off the nasty water. It’s a good thing you purchased those $1 cokes!

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