Monthly Archives: August 2015

OC is home


We moved Will into the dorms at OC on Tuesday.


He didn’t have nearly the amount of stuff that I remember taking to school.


We didn’t move him far, but it brought back a lot of memories of my mom bringing me to OC.  She took me 850 miles from home and I only knew about 3 other students.  At the time my mom wasn’t very impressed with the campus.

I also thought a lot about a mother and a father that went back to China and left their daughter Hannah to live with our family this year.

I’m glad OC is home.

Last quilt of the summer



This is the latest quilt I made.  I inherited it partially cut out and a few blocks sewn together.  I made it to wide so I couldn’t get it on my quilt frame.  My friend Jamey quilted it for me.


Jemma made what was supposed to be a cover for her ipad mini.  It came out a  little small for her ipad, but she decided she could use it for a pencil case.  She’s going to try and make another ipad cover soon.

While I was away


When I went to WI with my sister and her children, Bill added shelves to the garage.


A lot of the things we had on the floor are now up high on shelves.

Room make over



We scraped the ceiling and painted the ceiling, and walls in Jemma’s bedroom a couple weeks ago.


Her friend Hallie helped to decorate.  I took them to two different thrift stores, so they could look for things they could repurpose.  A few things they got at Hobby Lobby on clearance.

The round circle with a “J”, they got at the thrift store.  They painted the J on it.  They also repainted a couple of picture frames.  A couple of them we already had, one they got at the thrift store.  One of the frames they made into a chalk board.