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6th grade festival

IMG_20140930_193956     No I don’t have a 6th grader, but the Edmond Memorial Men’s choir performed for the 6th graders.  They do it every year. IMG_20140930_194030   They sang an African folk song about taking a village to raise a child.  Of course it was very good and had some fun lyrics to it.   IMG_20140930_192140 There is always a guest director for the 6th grade.  This year it was the vocal music director from my school, Midwest City HS.

More complete jobs

IMG_20140914_134752   One thing a Boy Scout isn’t lacking is patches.  So when Will finished his Eagle, I took the time sew all his patches in a blanket for him. IMG_20140914_134358   I got Justin’s blanket caught up also. IMG_20140913_201142 This past June, while I was working as a summer school secretary, I met a lady who wanted me to sew together all the doll blankets her daughter had received and make one big quilt.  It went pretty quick and it’s exactly what the woman wanted for her daughter.

Eagle complete



Will completed his Eagle project the first Sat. in June.  He turned his paperwork in right before his birthday in July.  Then he had his board of review Wednesday night before Labor Day.



Monday night his troop honored him for completing his Eagle.  We still need to have an Eagle ceremony for him.

He’s running again



Justin is running cross country again this fall.


This picture was taken last Tuesday.  It was a really warm day.

His first couple of meets he ran kind of slow, but Friday afternoon in the rain and cold, he cut three minutes off his time.



We took in an OKC Energy game before school started.  We got free tickets through OC.  The Energy is a professional soccer team.




It was a fun game.  The game ended in a tie, 0-0.

A few things accomplished


I finished this quilt after I got back from Brazil.  It hangs in my classroom since it is food related.  Green Eggs and Ham.




I had to make myself an apron, also.  I will finally get to use it this week, since they all passed the safely test that career tech says they have to pass before they can cook.

The Dutton’s



I can’t say enough about how wonderful this family is.  They are some of the hardest working people for the kingdom of God.  Every where Robin goes she is showing God’s love.  She is constantly inviting people to church and to the theology classes, such as people she meets in stores, nail salon’s, etc.  Over and over again I saw her at work.

Allen is constantly working to.  He has an eye clinic, that is a free outreach for the church.  He’s usually teaching bible studies and the theology classes once a week.  He also does some counseling too.

It was very exciting to work with them for three weeks.

Outside Lar Belem



There is a small chapel on the property at Lar Belem.




Bruno and Thais were married here.


They also had exercise equipment.


They also had a gym that had soccer goals set up and a ping pong table on the stage area.

Family Fun


We ate together.


We played miniature golf.



Played games the hotel had.


We went on walks, played pool, tried archery, and really enjoyed each others company.

Aguas de Lindoii

IMG_20140720_073715 We went with the Dutton’s to this town for a long weekend. IMG_20140717_145903   It was a beautiful hotel and area. IMG_20140717_142511   The city was beautiful. IMG_20140719_113520 The town hosted the Ivory Coast during the World Cup. IMG_20140718_103528   This town is in the mountains in Brazil.  The flowers were beautiful even though it was winter.


Rio isn’t the only place in Brazil that had a Christ statue.