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My sisters Pioneer Woman moment


When we were in WI, we helped give the calves their vaccinations.   My younger sister is a nurse so, I let her, my brother and my dad give all the shots and I just pushed calves through the chute.  That’s my niece Samantha hanging out in the feed bunk.


Here are some of the calves before we gave them their shots.


This is my younger brother putting ear tags that have medicine on them to prevent flies from bothering the calves.


This was my view of pushing the calves through the chute.  I didn’t get kicked or that dirty.  Always good things.


Jemma kept up with my sister’s kids.  Samantha is 3 1/2 and Tripp is 13 months.


More prep work with my sister, mom, dad and brother.


We got a 30 min. break at one point because we ran out of one vaccine, so my mom took a picture of 3 out of 4 siblings.


The ultimate in recycling.


This spring we had  strong wind storm on a Sunday afternoon.  There was a few tree branches down, a neighbor lost a fence panel and I lost my garden flag I had made.

Fast forward a couple of weeks ago, Bill was cutting a limb out of the tree that had come loose 2 years ago in the big hail storm, when he found my flag.  The birds had used it for a nest.  There was feathers all over it.

Last Supper


One of the last big thing we did while Ben was here, was take him to the German Restaurant in Choctaw.


All our meals came with a salad.   There was green beans, and some type of relish on it.  It was a little different.


Will and Justin had a brat, the rest of us had some type of schnitzel.   Jemma and I shared the chicken.  Bill had the pork.  Everyone had mashed potatoes and a red cabbage salad.  It kind of had a vinaigrette dressing on it.


We shared some dessert that night.  We never do that, but Ben wanted us to see how authentic everything was.  The cake is black forest, the pie shape was an apple thing, the third one had a custard and cherries in it.


Will and Justin had a contest to see how many stines of water they could drink.



Justin won by drinking 3, Will drank 2 1/2.

Ben thought it was pretty good German food for OK.  The food was more of a representation of the Bavaria area of German, not Dresden where Ben is from.

On her toes.


This was Jemma during parent visitation week at the ballet studio.


She’s getting stronger on her pointe shoes.


Twice a month she takes character dance lessons.  She really enjoys this class.



She still dances in ballet slippers too.

Dairy Breakfast


June is Dairy Month, so the county my parents live in have a Dairy Breakfast the first Sat. in June.  Jemma is in line to get a plate and holding my nephew Tripp.  I attended this event many times as a kid.  Vernon County has been hosting a dairy breakfast since 1978.


We were served scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage links, cottage cheese, cheese curds, sliced cheese and milk.   Then they brought ice cream around.  Jemma thought that was the best thing in the world to get ice cream for breakfast.  After we were done eating, we had to look under our plate for a sticker and if you had a sticker, you got a door prize.  I found a sticker under my plate, then I had to make a decision of what to get as a door prize.   There was lots of t-shirts, and caps.  I choose a t-shirt that says something about America’s Dairyland.


I took my sister and her two kids to WI to see my parents and grandma.  Here we are eating breakfast in a big pole shed.


This is how they make the pancakes to feed 2500-3000 people.


They cook the food in the host family’s garage.


The pole shed where we ate was decorated with quilts.


After breakfast you can tour the barn where the cows are milked.


Then we went into the barn where the baby calves live.



They also had other farm animals to pet.



Two more complete


My mom, older sister Beth, my younger sister Dawn, and I made this quilt for my brother for his birthday.  My mom and Beth cut it out and sewed part of the blocks together in January.  Then my mom brought it to me and I put all the blocks together.  I gave it to my friend to quilt about spring break, but before she could start working on it, she was in a car accident and broke her arm.  Another quilter stepped up to finish it so I could take it to WI when I went last week.


This is the back of the quilt.  I usually don’t put that much work into the backs of quilts, but I didn’t want to have to buy anymore fabric.


This is my brother as he opened the quilt out.


This is the quilt I made for Ben before he returned to Germany.