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A different look at soccer.


Justin received his letter for JV soccer.  It was an interesting season.  I think Justin was trying to figure out how to play with a new set of guys and it didn’t come easy.  He played jv1 and jv2 games along with his club soccer team.


Here’s Coach Lovett the varsity coach giving his remarks.  He goes to church with us and is one of the best coaches at communicating with the parents.  Almost everyday during the season he sent an email and a push notice through text messaging.  He made the boys all sign up for the push notices through text messaging too.  One of the challenges was that the jv1 and jv2 teams practiced on a field about a mile from the school.



These are the guys who play on the club team and jv teams with Justin.  He has been playing with these guys for about 6 or 7 years.

Odd and ends

Eagle project pics plus more 002 I made this little quilt for some friends that went to London over Christmas for  the New Years Day Parade.   Their son marched in it.


I made a pillow out of our school shirts this year for the auction.






I monogrammed these flower girl dresses for a wedding in June.


Performance Ensemble

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 131

This spring Jemma got to perform with other girls from her ballet studio in what the director calls her Performance Ensemble.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 133

They performed variations from the ballet Don Quiote.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 134

They only performed a few times, so I was lucky to see her.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 132

They performed at a few schools and for the younger girls at the ballet studio.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 129


Thinking Day

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 015


Way back in Feb. the area Girl Scout troops participated in World Thinking Day.   Since Ben is living with us, Jemma decided to represent Germany and Ben was happy to come along.  They featured different aspects of Germany on their display board, provided 2 different kinds of German food (one being chocolate that you can buy at Aldi’s grocery store),  and different things from Germany that Ben has given us.

As it turns out German Girl Scouts also participate in World Thinking Day.

Jemma and Ben did the display board all on their own.  It was nice not to have to worry or hound them to get it done.

Another art quilt and I don’t make art quilts

008This is the finished product from the teachers at Orvis Risner Elementary.   It went for $650 at our fundraiser auction.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 100

Each grade level worked on their own block.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 085

The teachers cut out small pieces of fabric, then glued them down on eagles that I had were traced onto the blue background.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 088

I then took each block and sewed a layer of white netting over the top to keep any pieces from falling off.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 087

Then I sashed the blocks and quilted it.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 092

Everyone snacked on chips, salsa, and queso from Alfredo’s as they worked.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 099

Here’s what one of the blocks looked like up close.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 193

This is what it looks like hanging in our office.





Honors Night

Spring 003

Jemma was inducted into the OK Honor Society.

Spring 004

She had straight A’s last semester.


Justin was also honored.


He made the OK Honor Society also.  Outstanding Academic Achievement in OK History, and was recognized as a Fantastic Freshman.  He had all A’s last semester also.


Will had all A’s last fall too.  We thought he would get some recognition also, but for some reason he didn’t.

Some place special in OK

Spring 013

Over spring break we went and explored the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.  We have never been there and thought it would be a good Oklahoma experience to share with Ben.  To get this picture, Bill set the camera on the van and then set the timer. Though he failed many times to get it; It didn’t turn out to bad.

Spring 014

There’s lakes.

Spring 017

There’s longhorn cattle.

Spring 021

Prairie Dogs

Spring 043


Spring 023

Rocks to climb on.

Spring 030

We had some friends from Chickasha come and climb around on Mt. Scott with us.

Spring 032

Spring 025s

Spring 041

We had lunch on the patio in Medicine Park, OK.

Spring 038

Medicine Park is made up of all these man made round rocks.   Most of the houses use the same rocks for the exterior.

Prom and banquets

009 Will took Caitlyn to the prom a couple of weeks ago.  According to Will they had a good time.  He decided he wanted to buy a suit instead of renting a tux.  We were fine with that.  We couldn’t find a coral colored tie at the store we were at, so he had looked up on Google before we got to the store to find out complimentary colors.  His tie is actually a combination of all those colors; black, silver, gray and white. I bought his corsage for Caitlyn at Betty Lou’s flower shop in Norman.  My friend Devonne’s parents own it.  Devonne and I took our girls scouts camping in Norman Friday night, so we went and picked it up after hours since Devonne has a key.  When we go to the shop about 8:00 pm the corsage was the wrong color, it was pink.  I didn’t know what to do.  The flower shop isn’t open on Sat.  Jemma had to be back to Edmond by 9:45 am and what flower shop in Edmond would make a corsage on prom Sat.  Well Devonne came to the rescue and made a brand new one.  She used to make them a lot 20 years ago, but she felt like it took her forever to make.  I didn’t think it took her that long.  She made it the old fashion way by wrapping all everything with the green tape then putting it together.  The new way of making corsages is by using some kind of glue.  She made an off white one instead and it was beautiful.


The same night as prom, Ben went to the OCA banquet with Connie.  It was at the Red Round Barn in Arcadia.  They had played carnival games and had a nice dinner.  After that banquet they went to a girls house and learned to line dance in her barn.  He had a lot of fun.