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50’s father/daughter banquet

Arbuckle 1

A couple of weeks ago the youth group had a father/daughter banquet.  It was a 50’s theme.

Arbuckle 2 (2)

They had a great time.  I’m not sure what they did since I didn’t go.

Arbuckle 3 (2)

Jemma was 4th in the hula hooping contest.

Arbuckle Carter (2)

Here is Jemma and her friend Jayden.




I think I should be a sports photographer

Spring 002

I took this picture of Justin playing soccer before spring break.

Spring 058

Over spring break he had a game so I played with my camera and took a bunch of pictures.

Spring 052

He didn’t like this picture, but I thought it was kind of cool.

Spring 061s

Spring 057

Spring 065s



I’m not sure what to call this…

spring sing costume 001

But you can see it at OC during the spring sing performances.  It’s supposed to be a character from the game Candy Land.  I made the costume.  It was kind of fun.  To give it the look of being big, there is a hula hoop tied inside the costume.

New machine for Jemma.

Eagle project pics plus more 007

Jemma wanted to make a pillow case the other day.  So I let her use serger for the first time.  The serger gives whatever you are sewing on a finished look like what you buy in the store, on the inside of what you are sewing.  The serger also runs faster than a regular sewing maching.

Eagle project pics plus more 009

Here’s the finished product.