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Christmas with family



Christmas 2013 103

This is me with my grandmother.  I think she turned 90 last Oct.


Christmas 2013 092

This is Jemma with her distant cousin who is 2 weeks younger than she is.

Christmas 2013 008

Here is Ben opening his gift from my mom.


Christmas 2013 002




Bovine Friends

Christmas 2013 030

While we were at the farm over Christmas, we went out and checked on the cows.  They were eating corn stalks out of the field, that’s why this cow has so much snow on her nose.

Christmas 2013 033

This was a baby calf that was about 4 weeks old at the time.

Christmas 2013 039

The calves my dad is feeding were born around April- June of 2013.  They are very friendly with him, but were shy when the camera was around.

Brother in Christ


My dad and Bill studied with Ben during Christmas vacation and he made the decison to become a child of God.

Christmas 2013 054

His mother and brother started attending the church in Dresden Germany a few years ago through the Let’s Start Talking Campaign.  His mom was really excited that he was baptized.

Christmas 2013 055

One of the things Ben wanted to do was take his picture with a whole turkey before it got cut up.  We didn’t get this accomplished at Thanksgiving, so during Christmas, my mom prepared a turkey that was given to her.  The turkey was from Target, so for some reason it didn’t have legs or wings.  It didn’t have the gross inside parts either.


A little sledding in lots of snow.

Christmas 2013 020

We went sledding while we were in WI for Christmas.

Christmas 2013 018

Here’s Jemma and Ben going for their ride.

Christmas 2013 017

Now it’s time for the long walk to the top.

Christmas 2013 024

Everyone got a chance to go down the hill.  The problem was there was a tree laying down and a rock at the bottom of the hill.  My mom went down and caught air.  The boys were really impressed.  I on the other hand hit the rock and got thrown out of the sled.

More boy toys.

Christmas 2013 082

Justin got to drive the 4 wheeler by himself while we were at the farm.  He was so excited.  He learned how to spin out and write his name in the snow.

Christmas 2013 079

Jemma got a ride with my dad.

Christmas 2013 085

Justin is giving his dad a ride.  Ben drove the 4 wheeler also, I just didn’t get a picture of him.

Jemma in a wedding dress.

Christmas 2013 045

My mom wanted Jemma to try on her wedding dress.  It fit Jemma really well.  There was a little room in the top, no extra room in the waist and it was the right length.

Christmas 2013 046

My mom is still a pretty small person, but I can’t believe she was that small when she got married 48 years ago.

Big boy toys

Christmas 2013 069

My dad bought a new tractor before Christmas.  He got to bring it home while we were there.  Jemma is getting her ride.

Christmas 2013 066

Everyone got a chance to ride in it.  Ben got his turn.

Christmas 2013 081

Some of us even had a chance to drive it.  This is Justin taking his turn with my brother Kent supervising.

Christmas 2013 083

This is Will taking his turn.  I drove the tractor too.  I haven’t driven a tractor since I was in high school and then I tried to avoid it if I could.  This tractor was so easy to drive, it was amazing.