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Problems with tree rats

Tree rat 001

I made my family put up the outside Christmas lights last weekend when it was warm.  This morning I opened up the blinds and noticed there seemed to be a break in the lights we stake in the yard.  I went out to check it out and look at what I found.  It looks like I might have a problem with a tree rat (squirrel).

Roman Nose


A couple of weeks ago Jemma and I went cabin camping with her Girl Scout troop to Roman Nose.


We went horseback riding.  That’s Jemma on her horse in the background.


We went hiking in the afternoon.


While we were hiking we found this water fall.   Unfortuneatley, it’s kind of hard to see the water fall.


Jemma also narrated a flag burning ceremony.


Auction pillows


In a couple of weeks the high school sports booster club is having an auction.  I made 4 pillows for the soccer team.


I also made a pillow for the cross country team and the track team.

Wardrobe malfunction


Last night was the Fall chorus concert, where they honored our countries Veteran’s.  As Justin is walking out the door he says “Didn’t you fix my tux mom?”  I didn’t know it needed to be fixed.  The lining of the sleeves wasn’t attached to the sleeves.  He thought he told me it needed to be repaired.  I’ll get it fixed before the next time he needs to wear it.


The men’s chorus did a great job.


The boys aren’t standing next to each other this time.


Jemma’s school also had a Veteran’s day concert last week.  I’m so glad our schools still see that it is important to honor our Veteran’s.

The rest of the story

Halloween 2013 013

We all dressed up for Halloween.  Justin was a golfer, complete with black and white check pants and a plaid cap.  I was a minion, that goes along with Bill’s costume as Gru.  Jemma was a minion also.  Will was Professor Rowan from the card game Pokemon and Ben went as Juluis Caesar.

Halloween 2013 006

My overalls belonged to my grandpa.  This is what I remember him wearing all the time.

Halloween 2013 014

Halloween 2013 005

Ben had never been trick or treating.  They don’t do that in Germany.  We went to our friend Kathleen’s, she has a party in her house, then they went up and down her street and a couple others.