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Halloween 2013, we went Dispicable Me



This is Gru from the Despicable Me movies.  Amy and Jemma will be Minions later today!





Peter Pan is here!

Peter Pan 002

Tonight was the first performance of Peter Pan.  It was really good.  I’m so proud of Will for trying out for his first play as a junior.

Peter Pan 003

These are the Indian maiden costumes I made for the play.

Peter Pan 005

You can still see Capt. Hook and Peter Pan Friday and Sat. night at 7:00 pm at EMHS’s auditorium.

The tale of 2 new throwns and an urgent care visit


A couple of weeks ago this toilet started leaking.  After three tries, we finally bought the right toilet to fit.  For some reason it was a funny size and we had to special order it.  The other problem we had was, whoever put in the previous toilet, had grouted it to the floor along with the tile.  We had to break the toilet in order to get it out.


One of the toilets we bought fit the boys bathroom so we decided to go ahead and put it in their bathroom.

amys phone 10-22-13 003

Bill decided to let Will break up the old toilets in the dumpster with a hammer.  Some of the broken toilet flew up and hit Will’s hand and cut it pretty bad.  I was in Liberal , KS at the time.  They were texting me trying to decide what to do.  I recommended going to urgent care.

The Dr. at urgent care decided to use glue to hold the skin in place.  He said it was a good idea that we took him in.

His middle knuckle is healing well, the right one is taking longer.

I think I’m finished?


As I mentioned in a previous post, Will got the part of Capt. Hook in the play Peter Pan at school.   I asked the director if I could barter sewing for the performance fee and she was very excited.  I made three Indian costumes and thought I was done.  Sat. morning Will calls me at 9:00 and says that he has volunteered me to help sew for the play that day, how soon can I get there.  He forgot to tell me the night before.  He  is usually really good about telling me things like this.  I was up at school from 10:00-2:30 helping out.

At 9:30 Sat. night Will calls me and asks if he brings home one more thing if I can do it.  I said I could.  The above dress for Wendy, I sewed on the top ribbon and one along the hem during the sewing session during the day and he brought it home to sew 2 more rows of ribbon on the bottom.  I may be done, or he might bring me home some more tomorrow, we’ll see.

I’m hopeing to get pictures of the costumes I’ve made later this week.

The play is this weekend, Thurs, Friday, and Sat. evening starting at 7:00pm.  It runs a little over an hour and is family friendly.

3 states in 30 hours

Amys phone Oct 2013 070

I didn’t have a lot of plans over fall break, except to scrape and paint our dining room and sewing room and finish 3 indian costumes.  So when my friend called and asked if Jemma and I would like to ride a long to Liberal, KS to see her grandmother in the nursing home, I said yes.

Amys phone Oct 2013 079

While in Liberal, we followed the yellow brick road to Dorothy’s house.

Amys phone Oct 2013 081

Liberal has lots of Dorothy statues all over town.  This one is at the museum and house that was built in 1907 the year the book was written.

Amys phone Oct 2013 096

We ate lunch at the train depot in Liberal.  It was an Italian restaraunt.  It was really fancy inside and the food was yummy.

We left Edmond about 2:00 on Wed. afternoon.  We got to Liberal at 6:00 pm.  We went to church that night at a small congergation that was watching a video of Stafford North.  The video was very poor quality.  My friend has actually seen Stafford present this lesson twice in person.

After lunch on Thurs. we left Liberal and drove through Darrouzett, Follett, and Booker TX.  Darrouzett is where my friend grew up.  We made it back to Edmond by 7:30 pm in order to go to the Santa Fe Football game and watch her son march with the band.

Other small towns we drove through were:  Laverne, Forgin, Turpin, and Seiling.

Pinterest Party

thunder wreath 002

Last night our church sponsored a pinterest party.  It was very enjoyable.  I made a craft I probably wouldn’t have tried on my own.

Everyone was encouraged to bring snacks they pinned from pinterest.  We visited, ate and then crafted.  If you didn’t know anything about pinterest there was someone doing tutorials.  There was door prizes of craft supplies people were willing to donate.  I forgot about donating anything.

My friend Robin, over at the Wawaugh blog, and a team of ladies did a fantastic job.

PIcs of the charger sent.

001 002