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Made something new


A teacher at school asked me to make a taggie for her son.  I’ve never made one before.  A taggie can be made out of almost any fabric, but in this case I made it out of minkie.  It is a super soft, silky, and plush fabric.  Justin was with me when I bought the fabric and he decided he wanted a blanket made out of minkie.  It runs almost $20 without a discount or coupon.  The rest of the taggie is made by looping ribbon, rick rack or trim in the side seams.  It’s a very tactile object for a baby to play with.

Two for one


Both boys are in the men’s chorus at Edmond Memorial High School.  They performed two songs for the 6th grade music festival at North high school last night.


Justin is really excited about men’s chorus.  He is in front of Will on the class role.  He’s been trying to get a head of Will all his life.


This one is for Robin.

Captain Hook

CC and MRCC retreat 022

Plan C payed off.  While we were on the retreat Will found out that he was choosen to play Captain Hook in the fall play at EMHS of Peter Pan.  I can’t believe he got a part the first time he tried out.

Will took lessons in fencing several years ago,  so if a scene calls for sword fighting he’ll be ready.

I asked the director if she would barter for the performance fee and she said yes.  So I will be busy either sewing or doing alterations for the performance.  The play is Oct. 24, 25, and 26.  I will get the times for the performances as we get closer.

captain hook

Plan C

CC and MRCC retreat 017

Plan A:  Everyone ride the bus that left the church at 4:00 pm for the Jr. high and Sr high retreat at Quartz Mt.

CC and MRCC retreat 014

Plan B:  I went to Norman on Friday afternoon to see Justin run cross country at 3:00 pm and Jemma run at 4:30 pm.  I was going to leave from Norman with Justin, Jemma and Jaydn and drive straight to Quartz Mt.  Bill, Will and Ben were going to ride the bus that was supposed to leave church at 4:00.

CC and MRCC retreat 027

Plan C:  Bill and Ben ride the bus that actually left the church at 4:40.  Got back from Norman at 5:50 pm with Justin and Jemma.  Waited for Will to get done with call backs for the school play that were from 4-6 pm.  He actually got done at 6:50.  Picked Jadyn up and left Edmond at 7:15 pm.  We got to Quartz Mt. about 9:45 pm.

It was a fun and tireing weekend for everyone.

Run Jemma Run

CC and MRCC retreat 004

I went to Norman on Friday afternoon and saw Justin run.  He ran part of his race with Tyler, who goes to church with us.

CC and MRCC retreat 010

I also got to see Jemma run for the first time.  This was her third race.  Last week she got knocked down and face planted close to the start line.  She had a bloody nose that prevented her from running the race.  The coach was pretty worried at first because of all the blood.  Her injuries were a bloody nose, a little road rash on her chin and knee.

CC and MRCC retreat 011

Her time was 9:35.  I’m not sure if the course was 1 mile or 1 1/2 miles.



Labor Day 2013 002

In this case, 13 is not an unlucky number, it is the number of people we had staying at our house last Sat. and Sunday night.  For a few meals there was 14 people here.

Labor Day 2013 001

Besides our family of 5 and Ben our foreign exchange student, who makes 6, my parents were here, my brother and his two boys, and my niece and nephew that live in Mustang.

Labor Day 2013 017

The biggest challenge was having enough food to feed everyone.

Labor Day 2013 042

No one can say they went away hunger, unless they just didn’t eat.

Labor Day 2013 036

I had lots of help  in the kitchen.

Labor Day 2013 008

Gone, Gone, Gone

Labor Day 2013 032
This spring, this tree had a few leaves on it.  After a few weeks we could tell it had died.

Labor Day 2013 033

My brother Kent, who was here from WI for the weekend, climbed the tree to get most of the branches down.

Labor Day 2013 034

My dad, who was also here for the weekend, cut the branches up smaller and helped pull the tree down in the right direction when it was ready to cut the trunk down.  Will, Justin, and Ben hauled the branches to the street to be picked up later.

Labor Day 2013 038

One of our neighbors said that if we had to hire someone to cut the tree down, it would have cost $500.

Labor Day 2013 037

Bill is allergic to trees and if he touches them or leaves his hands start to swell.  I’m greatful my dad and brother could take the tree down for us.