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New season

cross country Justin 001

Justin is running cross country for EMHS.  They had their first meet on Sat.  He and Jarret are stretching out their calves.

cross country Justin 003

Justin came in 42nd on Sat. at the Alumni race.  His time was 23.31 for 3 miles.

cross country Justin 006

The meet was won by Bill’s co-worker Mark Thompson.  He ran it in 15.08 after getting back from Houston at 2:30am.  Mark is 34.

They really love each other.

family, teacher shirts 119

My boys get along pretty good.   They rarely fight.  I’m very thankful for that.  When we were coming home from WI after my grandmother’s funeral, this is how the boys were sleeping in the back of the van.  They were leaning against each other in the middle.  I thought it was really funny.  Will is on the left, and Justin is on the right.  It seems to me that it might not be very comfortable, but who knows.

New family member

Ben and first day of school 004

We have a foreign exchange student this year.  He is almost 16 and from Germany.   His name is Ben.  We are very excited to see how this year goes.

Ben and first day of school 002
They are stilll letting me take 1st day of school pictures.  I think they just humor me.

Searching for a bear!

family, teacher shirts 031

When we were in WI for my grandmother’s funeral we got to have a wiener roast.  As we were going out to our new location, we stopped to see what was eating my dad’s corn.

family, teacher shirts 033

The deer eat a lot of my dads corn, but this was different than how deer eat.  There was also scat (poop) that was much larger than deer.  So they think it may be a bear.  My nephew has two deer trail cameras set up on my dads farm.  He was going to move them and see if we can see a bear.

family, teacher shirts 051

All the grandkids together for the first time.  Will isn’t the tallest, he was just standing on the up hill side.  One of my nephews is 19, and Tripp the baby was 3 months.

family, teacher shirts 037

This is all the females, plus Tripp in my family.  We are out numbered.

family, teacher shirts 083

During our weiner roast, Justin got a hold of my camera!

family, teacher shirts 095

Mason and Jeremey, my nephews.

family, teacher shirts 068

Bill with my brother-in-law Tim.

family, teacher shirts 046

This is my older sister Beth, my dad and my younger brother Kent.

family, teacher shirts 099

More nephews, Brandon and Ethan.

family, teacher shirts 072

Jemma with baby Tripp.

End of the summer project wrap up

family, teacher shirts 002

The teachers at my school have been encouraging me to make teacher shirts for them.

family, teacher shirts 004

So, when I went to Dallas, I took several patterns for them to choose from.

family, teacher shirts 005

These are a few that I made.

family, teacher shirts 009

I was priveleged to make these special blankets for two toddlers that were adopted by a couple from church.  It was very exciting.

Fruits of our labor

family, teacher shirts 122

So our garden was successful this year.  I’m sure it’s because of all the rain we’ve had.  We got the pepper plants from a friend from church that had extra.  One of your pepper plants is a purple pepper.  It’s not big enough to pick yet, but it sure is pretty.  We have lots of tomtoes yet to come and lots of blossoms on the plants also. It’s pretty exciting since we haven’t had that much success in the past.

I met a holocaust survivor.

Amy's phone 002


This is  Rosa.  She is a holocaust survivor from Romania.  She now lives in Dallas and volunteers at the holocaust museum there.  She is in her 90’s and still exercises every day.  She shared her story at a conference I went to this summer.  Her entire family died as soon as they got to the concentration camp.  The only reason she didn’t is because she got back on the train to get a scarf.

Amy's phone 001

This is Cor.  He lived in Holland and helped hide Jews during the holocaust.  He met Anne Frank’s dad after the war and he also met Hitler’s secretary.  His story was also amazing.


The conference I went to was at the Gaylord Texan.  The conference I went to was Rachel’s Challenge.  Rachel was the first person to be killed in the Columbine school shooting in Columbine, CO.  Her vision was for everyone to be kind to one another and to pass on the kindness to everyone.  The middle schools in Edmond started the program last year, and most of the high schools and elementary schools are starting it this year.  If you want to learn more about Rachel’s Challenge go to


The atruim itself was huge.  It had all kinds of exotic plants, a river running through it, a toy train track that ran and several restaraunts.


That’s my principal taking her picture with the human statue.


One night we ate at a barbeque place called Number 8.  (I think that’s what it was called.  That’s the bad thing about not blogging about stuff right away.)  They had guys outside in a covered and screened in porch grilling, and smoking whatever meat you chose.  Then you ordered it by the pound, half pound or 1/4 pound.  Then you went down the line kind of a caferteria style to pick up your sides.  It was really good.


One of the featured speakers at this conference was Kyle Maynard.  He is the guy in the middle with a striped shirt on.  He was born with arms that end at his elbow and legs that end at his knees.  He is a champion high school wrestler from Georgia and has done amazing things with his life, such a climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.

Shop Hop


In June there was 22 quilt shops in the state of OK that had a Shop Hop.  They give away a free pattern at each store that you can put together to create a quilt.   Usually each store’s quilt has a different look.  I made it to 3 stores.  I didn’t have more time than that.  This quilt store is in the Tulsa area.  I spent a day with a friend shopping at the stores in that area.  I meant to take a picture at each quilt store I was at, but I forgot.


This was the sink in the bathroom at the quilt shop.  I thought it was really neat.

A lot of the quilt stores also offer sales, giveaways and snacks.

Coke and M&M’s


One of the fun things Bill and I did together while we were in Las Vegas was go to the Coke and M&M’s stores.  I’ve been to the Coke Museum in Atlanta GA and really enjoyed it.  There is only 4 M&M’s stores in the world.


This was half the wall of the choices of M&M’s offers for sale.


The store was 4 stories high.  They had an interactive theater that had a show that was about 15 min. long.  We sat and watched it with a bunch of little kids and their families.


We taste tested different Coke products they sell around the world.  We tried some really wierd flavors.  There is only one that I liked and finished.


This is us enjoying our tast test.


I was amazed at the terrain as we flew into Las Vegas.


There just wasn’t any vegitation.


There was some really neat looking McDonald’s in Las Vegas.


This McDonald’s was on the second floor of this building.  We didn’t eat at either one.  There was to many other choices.


Celebrating Grandma

WI 2013 062b

Today we are celebrating the 94 years my grandmother had on this earth.  She passed away early Monday morning.  This picture was taken about 4 weeks ago.  She really didn’t remember us and we had to repeat our stories 3 to 4 times.  But that can be what life is when you are 94.

Christmas 2012 020b

This was grandma at Christmas a little over a year after she fell and broke her hip.  They did surgery to repair it.

Christmas 2012 008b

She has been a faithful Christian all her life.  She lost my grandpa about 13 years ago, she had been waiting to see him again.


As I was looking for pictues, I discovered that I haven’t had a picture taken with my grandmother since my kids were babies.  I’m always taking the picture.  I’m going to fix that.  I have another Grandmother alive, and the next time I see her I’m going to make someone else take the picture!