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Just like in Italy, I think


One of the things that you can do in Las Vegas is go on a gondola ride outside or inside the Venetian Hotel.


Here we are on the water.  I think it was $18 a piece for a ride.


Our gondola driver was the only driver that actually would sing.  He sang to us in Italian.  The mother and daughter that rode in our gondola were from Denmark.


This is what it looks like to ride a gondola inside.


Going to the chapel and we’re going to get married….



Las Vegas is known for it’s wedding chapels.  So while Bill was in his conference I thought I would go and check one out.


This chapel was in a 15 acre tropical paradise in the Flamingo Casino and Resort.  The flowers inside this chapel looked a little out dated in my opinion.


The outside gazebo was really pretty.


The rest of the park had ducks, swans, tropical fish, flamingos and pheasants.  This was free also.


In the middle of the picture is a black swan.  The exotic fish were koi.  I’m not much of a koi fan after watching Justin bury  them after the tornado in Moore.

After my little excersion, I told Bill that I renewed my wedding vows without him.

Free Entertainment


At night the Mirage Hotel has a volcano that erupts.  I don’t know the schedule when it happens, we just happened to be walking by.


The Bellagio Hotel has a water fountain show at night.  Once again we walked by at the right time.


Every afternoon while we were there, these ladies walked around, or would just stand and act like a manequin.  The head pieces they were wearing looked so heavy.  I don’t know how they could handle it.  I think they were out and about for at least an hour at a time.  They wore masks, so we didn’t seem them grimace in pain if they needed to.


This was the living ivy.  It was interesting watching them move with stilts and arm extensions.  They spent a lot of time hugging the walls.

There was also musicians dressed like they were from the Victorian era.  I didn’t get to hear them play because they were always going the opposite direction we were going.

We also went to a show while we were there.  That wasn’t free, but was fun because it was music from our high school years.


They would also sit in this box that looked like a picture frame.


This girl had a table setting on her head that included a plate, silverware, glass, etc.


Reading and Relaxing


While Bill was in his conference I spent two afternoons at the pool.  The dark clouds in this picture is actually smoke from a wild fire that was burning 25 miles west of Las Vegas.  The winds were carrying the smoke into the city.  The fire had been burning for over 2 weeks.


The second afternoon at the pool was 109 degrees.


I had 3 different pools to choose from.  They were all very beautiful.  We stayed at the Venetian/Palazzo Hotel where the convention was held.


In the convention area, they had these really cool, huge bean bag chairs.

Pawn Stars


Bill had a Blackboard Conference in Las Vegas last week.  He knew about this in March, so I planned to go along with him.  The one thing he really wanted to do was go to the Pawn Shop that is featured on the TV show Pawn Stars.


He even took things with him to sell.  He actually made $70.  He sold some match box cars in the original boxes that were made in the 50’s or 60’s.  One car he took was worth $100, but we brought it home since they would only give us $50 for it.



The shop doesn’t seem as big as it does on TV.  None of the guys that are on the show were there when we were there.  They take a break from filming in July and August because of the temps.  It was 105 the day we went to the pawn shop.  We went in the morning so it wasn’t as hot.  The shop has between 5,000 and 7,000 visitors a day since they are on TV now.  The show airs on the History channel on Thurs. nights.

Pillows and quilts

quilt pillows 004

Jemma finished making all the letters pillows for her name.  Her first attempt at making the letter “M” turned out to look more like an “H”, so her dad redesigned the pattern for her.

quilt pillows 003

This is a quilt for Halloween.  I picked up the fabric last fall but didn’t get around to making it until this week.


11 days


Justin left at 7:50 am this morning for the National Boy Scout Jamboree in Mt. Hope, WV.


Here he is walking to the bus with his dad.  Who knew it would be pooring rain and 68 degrees when he left.

One of the new things he is going to try at jambo is BMX bike riding.  We’ll see how that goes.

Little miss crafty

WI 2013 013

Jemma has been wanting to make a recipe box.  So she bought the box and then covered it with scrapbook paper, ribbons and buttons.   She also bought stick on letters for the words.  She really enjoyed making it.

Dance, Dance, Dance

WI 2013 002

The middle of June was Jemma’s parent visitation week for ballet.  She look so tall and strong in her pointe shoes.  She’s only been doing pointe since January and already needs a new pair of shoes.  Her feet won’t stop growing.

WI 2013 003

WI 2013 006

She also learned some character dances this year.  Some of the dances were from Rusia, Ireland, and I think one was Spanish.

WI 2013 004

More check list stuff

shirts and quilts, Will's last parade 003

I finished my Charlie Brown Christmas quilt.  I bought the fabric last Christmas.

shirts and quilts, Will's last parade 004

I have some fabric bought for Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin.  I hope I can get it done before Halloween.

shirts and quilts, Will's last parade 014

This is a signature quilt I made for a wedding.  The bride used the quilt as a guest book.  I pieced it before the wedding, then quilted after she got home from her honeymoon.