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Shots and pink eye

WI 2013 046


We helped give the baby calves 2 shots and used an eye wash on them while we were on the farm.

WI 2013 047

Samantha sat in the end of the feed bunk for about 3 hours and only fussed once.  She had toys, snacks and some juice.

WI 2013 051

I used the eye wash on the calves and sometimes gave shots.  My dad gave shots and pushed calves in and out of the chute.  Bill pushed calves in and out of the shoot.  My mom got the vaccine ready and kept track of calves numbers as they came through.

WI 2013 060

The boys and Jemma pushed the calves from the holding pen down the runway to the shoot.

WI 2013 056

One of the vaccine’s was to prevent pink eye in the calves.  Since they have had so much rain in WI the pastures grass is much higher than normal, so it’s causing pink eye earlier than normal.   The eye wash was also to help prevent pink eye.  One of the yearling heifers had pink eye really bad.  That heifer got an extra shot and we glued a huge denim patch over her eye.  I didn’t have my camera with me when we treated that heifer.  The patch usually stays on about 1 day to 1 week.



Fire and marshmallows

WI 2013 014

This is the men making the fire for our bonfire and weiner roast we have every summer we go to the farm in WI.  My brother is on the far left, then Justin, my dad, Bill, Mason my nephew, Will and my nephew Ethan.

WI 2013 019

Of course smores where on the menu.

WI 2013 016

WI 2013 028

This is all the cousins together except for the oldes who is 19 and the youngest who is 8 weeks, both boys.  Jeremy is to the left of Will.  He wasn’t there to help build the fire.

WI 2013 031

Samantha is being a tickle monster to her grandad.

WI 2013 036

Sitting around and enjoying the fire.


Best 2 1/2 year old traveler

WI 2013 021

We went to WI last week and I took my 2 1/2 year old niece with us.  Samantha was the best traveler and was really good the whole time we were gone.

WI 2013 024

She hung out with cousins.

WI 2013 026

She hung out with uncles.

WI 2013 045

And she hung out with Great Grandma’s.

WI 2013 062

And another Great Grandma.

I’m sure my sister missed her, but probably enjoyed the break a little bit since she also has a 8 week old baby boy.

Ropes course and laser tag

Norman GSA trip 053

The last thing we did on our Girl Scout trip to Norman was going to Hey Day in Moore and doing their ropes course and laser tag.

Norman GSA trip 054

Norman GSA trip 056

They had a lot of fun that day.  They did the ropes course twice and laser tag once.  We also had pizza before we came home.

I think she has my blood

sewing camp 008

Jemma has really been wanting to sew this summer.  I’m so excited.  She made rice heating pads for Bill and my dad for father’s day.

Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Incredible


You are an incredible dad!

Another pinterest idea completed.

sewing camp 009

My garden flag was looking very old.  Of course I found an idea on pinterest.  I have more ideas on pinterest than I could ever get accomplised in one lifetime.

sewing camp 010

Jemma helped me make it.  We made it with reversible since it sits on the corner of our house.


Tis the season for camp

sewing camp 001

Last week while Bill and the boys were on the Wichita Work Camp mission trip to Wichita, KS, I had a sewing camp for Jemma and her friends.

sewing camp 002

Maddie made shorts and Kayla made a bag.  We sewed in the afternoon, since one girl had band camp in the morning.

sewing camp 003

Jemma finished a big duffle bag she started last fall.  One afternoon we went to a movie when we were done sewing.

sewing camp 004

Jadyn made a backpack purse.

sewing camp 005

Jemma and Kayla had a little extra time so they made an alphabet pillow.  I’ve had the pattern for the alphabet pillows since I was in middle school.  The pattern cost $1.50 back then.  A pattern now will cost around $18.95.

Being Appreciated


On Secretaries Day in April, my school’s speech therapist wrote thank you in several different languages on post it notes.  Then she stuck them all over my work space.


I got flowers from the staff and administration.  They sent all 3 of us secretaries to Charleston’s for lunch and we got to sit and enjoy our time.


I also got lots of cards from the students.



A decorative touch.


One of the things my principal wanted to have done for our school this year is table clothes for when we have awards assemblies.  Our school had 3 during the year.  I made and embroidered 2 tableclothes for the last award assembly.