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Devastation and how things used to look.


Bill and Will went to Moore, OK yesterday to help with the tornado clean up.  I will be taking Justin and Jemma on Thurs. and Friday to work.  Will has a full time job for the summer working for OC.


In this house Bill and Will helped the homeowner find the belongings they wanted to keep.


More tornado damage.



Here’s part of the group from Memorial Rd. church of Christ that went with Bill and Will yesterday cleaning up someone’s backyard.


This is part of the Orr family farm.  It is a big agritourism location.  They had 2 small trains, fishing pond, 1974 carousel, animal barn, pony rides, zip lines, pumpkins in the fall and a hay maze.  It was a 106 acre working horse farm.  I read in the paper they only have 3 horses, 2 ponies and 1 donkey that survived and didn’t have to be put down.  They are planning on being opened in the fall.  There website is  They have lots of school groups that go out there.  All the buildings sustained heavy damage.


This is the track they use for training the horses.


This is Justin and his friends riding the train at the Orr family farm in the fall of 2007.


This is Justin’s 4th grade class at the Orr family farm in the fall of 2008.


This was a the Orr family farm hosting a Girl Scout day in the fall of 2011.

With 2 elementary schools in Moore suffer heavy damage and the loss of life at one of them, it was a hard week.  On Monday afternoon while the tornado is racing through Moore, 251 children were checked out through the office at the school I work at between 2:30-3:30.  I was fortunate that Bill works close to Justin and Jemma’s school so he could make sure they got home safely.  None of the schools I or my children attend have storm shelters or safe rooms.  Seems terrible in light of the fact that Oklahoma is in tornado alley and tornado season is March 15th to June 15th.  Of course, OK has seen tornadoes in Feb. also.

One of the parents at my school sent a letter to my principal saying how pleased she was at how quickly, efficiently and calmly me and the other secretary were handling everything during that crazy hour on Monday.


Graduation creativity


I needed some graduation gifts this year.  Some gifts I made from other people’s ideas, some gifts I added to them.  This is a towel wrap that I made.  It was fun finding some ribbon to go on it.


One of the graduation parties we were invited to, I had already embroidered a towel wrap for this student from someone else.  It took me a while to come up with a gift idea.  I decided on a laundry bag, but after just putting the initial on the bag I thought it was a little boring.  So I decided to add ribbon to the bag.

History Part

Norman GSA trip 023

Our next stop was Betty Lou’s flower shop.  Devonne’s parents own it.  Devonne coordinated our trip and is the leader of our Girl Scout troop.  I didn’t get any pictures there.  It was Sat. before Mother’s Day, so they were very busy.

Next we went to the Moore-Lindsay Home.  It is the oldest standing home in Norman.  It was built in 1895.

Norman GSA trip 024

Jemma decided to take over the picture taking responsibilities.

Norman GSA trip 025

Since we have been to so many museums, the girls are starting to recognize things we have seen before.

Norman GSA trip 026

Norman GSA trip 035

This is a square piano.  They didn’t make very many of them and they are very heavy.

Norman GSA trip 029

This house has 2 windows like a ship would have.  One window is this color and the other window was red.

Norman GSA trip 041

We’ve seen several fainting couches at museums.

Norman GSA trip 040

Jemma was really interested in the washstand and everything that goes with it.

On the road again.

Norman GSA trip 009

Our last GSA trip for the year was to Norman, OK.  Our first stop of the day was horseback riding at Lake Thunderbird stables.  The weather was fantastic, temp was perfect.  The only problem was the flies bothered the horses.

Norman GSA trip 002

It was a lot of fun.  I haven’t been horse back riding since the boys were little.  I wasn’t even sore the next day.

Norman GSA trip 011

The girls can’t wait to go horseback riding again.

Norman GSA trip 010

This is  Lake Thunderbird.

Norman GSA trip 016

The visitor’s center and sign at Lake Thunderbird is more up to date than the other centers or signs we have seen  this year.  The center looked very new.

Sometimes being an overachiever is a bad thing.

Eagle quilt 004

I was asked to make an art quilt by my new principal this year for our schools 50th anniversary celebration that is this Saturday night.  We are having an art auction to raise money for play ground equipment.  I’m not an art quilter, I’m a traditional quilter, so this stretched my creativity.  The other requirement was that she wanted as many teachers to participate as possible.

So I came up with the idea of the teachers cutting out the eagles from their choice of fabric.  Then I appliqued them on the blocks, sewed it together and then quilted it.  It’s still more traditional than an art quilt.  I over heard my principal say that I went above her expectations.  Then she also has plans to need a quilt for our art auction next year.  Yikes!  At least I have almost a year to come up with the idea for next years quilt.

2 big boys and a baby


My sister had a baby boy Friday morning.  I wasn’t sure if my boys would want to hold a new born cousin.


It took a while before Justin was comfortable enough to hold him.


Jemma would have held him all night if she could have.