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From the mountain tops to the caverns

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 027

Our next stop was Alabaster Caverns State Park, in Freedom, OK.  It is a 45 min. walking tour below ground.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 032

This is the opening into the cavern.  This is the second time I have been in the cavern.  I went a couple years ago with the boys and their boy scout troop.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 042

There was a few bats in the cave.  I don’t remember seeing any last time.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 038

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 043

I need to work for the OK Tourism Dept.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 026

On Thursday during Spring Break, Jemma and I went on another Girl Scout trip.  We went to northwestern OK.  Our first sight was The Gloss Mountains, sometimes called the Glass Mountains, have a high Selenite content that mimics a shiny glass exterior when the sun hits it just right.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 019

The mountains are out by Fairview, OK.  We hiked to the top using stairs and then walked around on top of the plateau’s.  The elevation is 1651 feet.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 008

It was pretty chilly on top of the mountain.  I wore a long sleeve tshirt, sweatshirt, and a lined jacket with a knit cap.  Jemma was wearing her winter coat and  lined sweatshirt.

The reason these mountains are known by two different names is because the original map from 1873 called them the Glass Mountains and two years later a draftsman was miscopied an “o” for an “a” making them the Gloss Mountains.

Honey do list part #2

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 117

Bill and the boys installed this light in my sewing storage room while Jemma and I were out of town.  The  tract lighting in this room had been hanging by a thread, literally for several years, after I tore the wall paper down, scraped the popcorn off the ceiling, textured and painted.  We had looked at lights a couple months ago at Lowe’s, so he knew what I wanted put up.

They also replaced the garage door opener on my side of the garage that died about 6 weeks ago.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 116

They also put a tire swing up for Jemma.  She’s been wanting one for a long time.

I need to be gone more often.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 001


On Tuesday during spring break week, Will, Justin and I tore the carpet and all the tack strips out of the living room.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 004

On Wednesday, Bill laid and glued 2/3 of the wood floor down.  We bought the flooring in Dec. of 2011, expecting to put it down last summer.  Then Bill started a year round job last summer and this is the first chance we had to get it down.


Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 114

Thursday, Jemma and I went out of town on a Girl Scout trip.  While we were gone, Bill and the boys finished the wood floors.  They look so great.  Now I can check that room off my to do list, since we scraped, textured and painted the room last summer.

Super Fan


Last week during Swine Week at Will’s school, they had dress up days.  One day was super fan day.  He borrowed my cheese head and foam finger.  He had his own jersey that he wore wrinkled.  I told him super fans took better care of their jerseys and didn’t get them wrinkled.  Someone else told me super fans slept in their jerseys, so it’s ok that it was wrinkled.


Since the theme to swine week was Star Wars, they had a dress up day for that too.  I made Will’s cape and armor.  He wore a black tshirt and jeans under it.  He didn’t get into dress up days last year, so I’m glad he did this year.

Wind Farm

GSA trip to Weatherford 045

One of the things we did in Weatherford with the Girl Scouts was tour a wind farm.  They studied wind for a requirement in preparation for their silver award.  In order to make a boring workbook more exciting we had a guy come in a talk to them about kites and then toured the wind farm.

GSA trip to Weatherford 044

Each wind turbine is approximately 262 feet tall from the ground to the hub in the center of the blades.  To get to the top, the maintence person has to climb  3 sections of ladders.  The hub weighs 90 tons.

GSA trip to Weatherford 039


1/4 section of land, which is 160 acres can have 3 turbines on it.  The land around the turbine can still be used for agricultural purposes.

GSA trip to Weatherford 040

Our tour started at the Heartland of America Museum with a video presentation on how they are made.  Then we drove about 5 miles out of town to a farm that allows tours.  Not all farmers allow visitors.

GSA trip to Weatherford 028

The blades are 122 feet long.  They are made of fiberglass.


Mom, come wash my dishes


Over the weekend, while I was in Branson, MO, Bill installed this new faucet in my kitchen.  He’s already installed it once at my mom’s house over Christmas vacation.  It didn’t work for my mom because her dishwasher has to be hooked up to the faucet and this new faucet didn’t have the proper attachment.  My mom said she would just come to my house and use her faucet at my house.