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Water Zoo

GSA trip to Weatherford 015

The Water Zoo is an indoor water park in Clinton, OK.  It sits right next door to a hotel, but it is not attached.   It was a little chilly getting between the buildings.  We thought it was attached to the hotel according to the information we saw.

GSA trip to Weatherford 007

Here are the three tagalongs.  They had a lot of fun.

GSA trip to Weatherford 019

The girls swam Friday night and a little on Sat. morning.  This water park has 3 huge slides, a lazy river, a pool to play sports in, wave pool,  a small kids area, and another area with smaller slides and buckets.  There was a life guard on duty in almost every area.

GSA trip to Weatherford 018

The water park has a special from 5:00 pm until close at 9:00 pm, another special for the evening hours and the next day.  Some of the info we received from the hotel was incorrect about the water park.  I think the water park is owned seperate from the hotel.  If you want to go, get with me, I have a little advice that might save you some money.

GSA trip to Weatherford 021

Here is a picture of all the girls that went.  They all really enjoyed the Water Zoo.  I was really impressed with the size of the place.

10 Girl Scouts and 3 Tagalongs

GSA trip to Weatherford 003

This weekend my friends Devonne, Christine, and I took 10 Girl Scouts and 3 tagalong boys to Weatherford, OK.


GSA trip to Weatherford 001

Our first stop along the way was in Hydro, OK at a Lucille’s.  A filling station and restaraunt on historic route 66.  The building was built in 1929

GSA trip to Weatherford 004

One of the reasons the 3 tagalongs come was because their dad’s went to Branson for the weekend.

GSA trip to Weatherford 035

Saturday for lunch we ate at the new Lucille’s restaraunt in Weatherford.  Part of the restaraunt looks like a diner with a soda shop.  We didn’t get to see all of it since they were having a fundraiser.

GSA trip to Weatherford 031

GSA trip to Weatherford 033

Thinking Day


Last Sat. Jemma participated in the Girl Scouts Thinking Day.  Thinking Day is where Girl Scouts think about other parts of the world.  At the thinking day Jemma attended, the following countries had Girl Scouts sharing information about that country:  Japan, Costa Rica, Germany, France, Haiti, Rwanda, Mexico, South Korea, and Guatemala.  Several tables had food samples along with a little craft for each girl to take.


This is Anita, she is from Rwanda.  She is a work study student in Bill’s office at OC.  We’ve only met her once, but she recognized Jemma.  She was sharing information about her home country.

A win for Marvin and the pigs



Sat. was the 1st Swine Week Car Show.  Bill and Will decided to enter the mini in the show.  We debated about what category to enter the car in.  The categories were truck, classic, muscle, exotic and another one I can’t remember.  We decided to enter the exotic category.

Swine Week is actually several months of raising money for  a charitable cause that culminates the week before spring break. Each high school in Edmond has a designated week for fund raising.  Swine Week is donating their money to Limbs for Life.


The competition was 2 Porsche cars and a Tesla car (an all electric exotic sports car).  Every car had a bucket sitting in front of it.  The car with the most money in the bucket wins.  At the end of the morning the mini had more money in the bucket than the other cars.

The hard part of this was that Bill and Will had been at a Boy Scout lock-in the night before.  Will slept some, but Bill didn’t get any sleep.  He finally got some sleep at 1:30 Sat. afternoon.  They had to stay through the awards ceremony since they won.

It was pretty while it lasted

Snow day, not 001

It snowed beautiful big flakes at one point in time with this storm.  We got around 2 inches of the white fluffy stuff.

Snow day, not 002

But unfortunately when the guys from the school district went out at 4:30 am the next morning, they couldn’t find enough on the roads to cancel school.  I think it had something to do with the ground temperature being 40 degrees F.

Game day


The end of January, OC sponsored a day for Girl Scouts.  Any Girl Scout and her family could get into the basketball games for free.  Jemma’s troop presented the flags before the women’s game and the men’s game.  Before the women’s game Jemma was part of the color guard.


Before the Men’s game Jemma was the caller for the flag ceremony.  She also led the Pledge of Alligiance.  It was  neat experience.

Since it was opening day of Girl Scout cookie selling season, the girls got to sell cookies!

Thank you Justin from the cows

Christmas 2012 028

We the cows that live at grandpa and grandma’s  farm in WI would like to thank Justin for his time during Christmas break to make a feed bunk for us.


Not only did you spend valuable time with your grandpa, you gave us something to eat out of for a couple of years and you learned how to use a nail gun.  Hopefully all the nails that were used are deeply imbedded in the wood so we don’t catch them in our tongues.

Just so you know, a couple of us cows tried to use our feed bunk to sleep in.

Big and Little Will


This is Will with his name sake Will Tyson.  The Tyson’s were in town this weekend from Wichita, KS and had lunch with us on Sunday.  Will Tyson is going to turn 4 this month.