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Valentine shirt 001

Here is this years Valentine shirt I made.  After I got it done, Jemma decided she wanted one.  I hope I have time to make her one.  I have 3 sewing projects coming up very fast.

Trying something new


Justin’s soccer team decided to play indoor soccer this season.  He has 8 games total.  Their first game was Sat. morning at 7:00 AM.  The game ended in a 3-3 tie.  His team played great considering they haven’t played indoor soccer before.  The field is much smaller so the game is much faster paced.  It’s more exciting than outdoor soccer.

Five of the 8 games they play are at 7:00 AM on a Sat.  I’m not very excited about that.

Shedding a little light



After painting the living room and hallway last summer, I’ve been in search of 4 light fixtures.  Two of them have to match, a third one needs to coordinate with the first two.  This light fixture is a stand alone.  I found it at Lowe’s about a week and a half ago for $5.  Bill came home and installed it right away.  I hope it doesn’t take me that long to get the other 3 light fixtures.  Of course I haven’t spent very much time looking either.

Put on the finished pile


I started making this quilt last summer for a baby boy who was born in June.  I didn’t buy any fabric for this quilt.  A few of the pieces are from things I made for the boys.   Then I got busy with Nutcracker sewing and had to put it aside.  I actually quilted it right after the new year.


I pieced this quilt several years ago and finally quilted it right after the new year also.  When I lifted this quilt off the stack I found the following quilt underneath it.


I barely remember buying the fabric for this quilt let alone putting the border on it.  I quilted it and now it’s ready for next Christmas.

My goal every year is to get as many unfinished quilts done before I buy anything new.  So far so good this year.

On Pointe


Starting Jan. 7th, Jemma moved up to Division 4 in ballet.  This means dancing 4 times a week and pointe shoes.  She was so excited when Ms. Lisa told her she would be wearing pointe shoes she started crying.


Pointe shoes have to have ribbon and elastic sewn on them before you can dance in them.  I had Jemma sew one shoe and I did the other shoe because we were running out of time.  I thought she might be learning sewing through osmosis or because we have the same genes, but that’s not so.  I need to spend more time with her.

I also managed to break one of her $82 a pair pointe shoes.  The shoe themselves need to be strecthed a little and I stretched them too much and broke the shank.  Bill did some research on the internet and found we could fix them with a $12 bottle of Jet Glue.  We are going to see how long they last.  The one we glued is stiffer than the one that isn’t.  I hope I don’t have to buy a new pair of pointe shoes until her feet grow.  She’s grown 4″ in the last year, so unless she slows down growing, her feet probably aren’t ready to slow down either.

Man cave plus a bonus for me



At the end of this month we will have lived in this house for 6 years.  One of the things Bill has always wanted to do was turn the playroom into a man cave.  He and the boys worked on it on Sat.   They moved 3 TV’s plus the game systems to the one wall, set up chairs, cleaned up junk,  and put up a cutting table that had been given to me last fall.  It is set up in the end of the room.


Dr. Alexander from OC’s costume shop got a new cutting table last fall and he didn’t want it thrown away, so he gave it to me.  Bill and the boys got it set up.  There is lots of storage underneath with curtains to cover the storage area.  Dr. A has to give me the rods for the curtains.   So if you need a table just the right height come on over to my house.  with the curtains open there will be great lighting.

Throw them in a snow bank

Christmas 2012 030

While we were in WI for Christmas, I took the kids out and took pictures of them in the snow.

Christmas 2012 027

Christmas 2012 029

Thunder Gear

Thunder shirts 003

Jemma had a couple of birthday parties last week, so I made Thunder shirts.

Christmas 2012 049

Over Christmas I finished sewing the binding on this quilt.  I did that part by hand so I have taken this quilt on a couple of different trips to get it done.  The border has brown cows and sunflowers.  The cows are why I bought the fabric in the first place.


Ariel View

Christmas 2012 024

This is an  ariel view of my parents farm.  They raise crops in the area outlined in yellow.  They have bought two other small farms to go along with the main farm they bought in 1966.  There is about 400 acres all together, but some of it is wooded or too steep to grow crops on.  They grow corn, soybeans, oats, and alfalfa.  Some of it they keep for the beef cows and some of it he sells.

It’s all about family.

Christmas 2012 020

When we were in WI everyone came to my mom’s house for Christmas.  This is my grandmother she will be 94 in Feb.  She lives in a nursing home.  Like many older people she has memory issues.  A year ago in Nov.  she fell and broke her hip.

Christmas 2012 021

This is my mom with my kids.

Christmas 2012 013

This is my brother Kent talking to Bill.

Christmas 2012 014

Here is my nephew Ethan, Jemma, my nephew Jeremy (who is 2 months younger than Will) and Bill.

Christmas 2012 015

This is my nephew Mason (who is 7 months younger than Jemma), my brother Kent, and my dad.  We are all waiting to open gifts.