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New Christmas wear


I didn’t have time to make a Christmas shirt for myself this year, but I did make one for my niece.  I also made her a birthday shirt.  She will turn two in Jan.  My sister, who lives in Mustang is  going to have another baby in May.  She found out this week it is going to be a boy.  I’m excited that she will have a boy, but I won’t be able to sew for him as long as I will be able to make things for her daughter.  Jemma has slowly decided she doesn’t want mom sewing for her as much.

4 different sounds to Christmas


All three kids had Christmas concerts this season.  All three had very different looks and styles.  Jemma’s was in the gym at Cimarron MS.


Justin’s was in the auditorium at Memorial High school.  Justin’s friend Jarret is on Justin’s right.


Will’s concert was also in the auditorium at Memorial High school, but had a much different feel than Justin’s.  I was so impressed at this concert by the songs that were sung, the set, and the expressions on the faces of the students as they sang.  You could tell the students really enjoyed singing.


The way the students were assembled on the stage was different from what I’ve ever seen also.  Some of the student sang the final song  from the isles in the audience.  It was a beautiful experience.


Jemma’s Girl Scout troop also went Christmas caroling at Tealridge.  The residents always enjoy have visitors.

Merry Christmas


I hope everyone has a blessed day filled with love and family.


I can’t believe I haven’t seen this on Pinterest


A couple of weeks ago, after the Nutcracker, Bill and I went to the athletic Booster club silent auction at Memorial High School.  We only bought one item.  It was this backpack made out of a 2008 soccer jersey.  I think they won state that year.  Another neat idea for re purposing.  Now I need to figure out how to make them.  When I looked at it the first time, I think I can figure it out.  Justin is getting this for Christmas since he is the soccer person in our family.

Re purposing


A friend from church approached me about re purposing a tree skirt.  Her grandmother had a tree skirt her sister had made, but it was a little small, so this friend asked me if I would make pillows out of the tree skirt.  So I appliqued the sequined poinsettias onto holly fabric, made the pillow forms, then stuffed them.  I thought they turned out really cute.  My friend was thrilled with them and Jemma even thought they were cute.  I love the idea of re purposing, especially items that are sentimental.

Computer issues


I’m done sewing for the Nutcracker, Christmas preparation is going well, I have time to blog, and now I am having computer issues.

The desk top computer is in the shop for repairs.  I have no idea what is wrong with it.  I finally got it together to blog from the laptop.

So here is a few more pictures from the Nutcracker.

High kicks


Justin played goalie for most of the season this fall.  Here he is kicking the ball out of the goal after he saved the ball from making a goal.

I think he saved this goal, it went over the back of the goal.

My friend Zina took these pictures for me.  She did a great job.

The team didn’t have a very good season, but some years are like that.







Published and on the Shelf

During Thanksgiving, Will needed to go to an art musuem for a class.  Bill took everyone to the Fred Jones Art Museum in Norman, except me, I was sewing.   They got to the museum before it opened, so he took them over to the OU library and found his dissertation on the shelf.

Bill finished his dissertation in 2005.

Nine Ladies Dancing

In this case it’s seven ladies dancing.  I made these seven dresses and 17 pairs of pantelettes to go under the dresses for Jemma’s division in ballet.

I made three maids costumes.  I made, altered or fixed 56 costumes for this performance.  Six years ago when Jemma was in the first Nutcracker, I made, altered or fixed 37 costumes while trying to sell our house.

These two jackets stressed me out the most.  Some people when they sew don’t use patterns, but I only like to sew with a pattern.  I had to figure out how to get the burgundy velvet in the center of these jackets.  After a lot of thought, I finally figured it out.  I was up until 1:30 am Friday morning finishing them for dress rehersal that day.

This is 16 of the 17 party girls that I made pantelettes for.  The light pink dress on the front row is Clara.  I made sleeves to go on that dress.