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Killing 2 birds with one stone

Last week Will and Jemma were in the same vocal music concert.  It is rare that Will and Jemma have events together.

All the 6th grade vocal music students from across the district performed a couple songs.

Then the men’s chorus from Edmond Memorial High School sang one song.  The other two high schools also had one of their choruses perform a song.


At the end all the choruses performed one song together.

Bill and I were a little late getting there since Justin had just run in a cross country meet in Bethany.  He tied his best time of the season on a course with two hills.

Will drove to the concert and took Jemma since they had to be there 30 minutes early.





A Blog friend helps out

My blog friend from The WaWaWaughs came to Jemma’s girl scout meeting and shared what it was like to be a girl scout when she was younger.

Robin had a sash, hat and a couple of books from when her mom was in girl scouts.  Her mom was her leader.  She had a few books, one of her sashes, and uniform when she was in girl scouts.  She also had some books,  vest,  sash, and memory book when her daughter was a girl scout.

She taught them a song/game that all the girls wanted to sing and participate.  Robin has done this presentation before, but I haven’t had the priviledge to see it.   She does a really nice job sharing memories of how she got some of her patches and a week at girl scout survival camp where she had to make her own tent and dug her own latrine.  I’m thankful for Robin taking her time to come share her story and personal girl scout things with the next generation of girl scouts.

The verdict is in on chocolate covered bacon.

3 out of 5 members of my family didn’t like it.  This is just one of the many unique food options at the state fair.  It was Justin’s idea to try it and he almost threw up after he tried it.  He didn’t even go on any rides.  I kind liked it, but I’m also a big chocolate fan.  Bill hated it because he doesn’t like sweet stuff with his meat.

The reason we went to the OK State Fair is because they were having a special day for Girl Scouts because of the 100th anniverary of Girl Scouts.  Jemma invited her friend Jadyn along for her first trip to the state  fair.  They received a state fair patch and a box of GS cookies.

One of the things our family enjoyed watching was the pig races.  The winning pig got to eat an Oreo cookie.  The #4 pig won several times.  Justin was always routing for #3 pig.


My house was bare.


Tues. night my bible class hosted RefresHer.  It is a time for women to eat, fellowship, learn more about God and bring a friend to introduce to MRCC.

The back drop our class choose for decorations was quilts.  So I jumped at being in charge of the decorating.  I brought 20 quilts from home and had contributions from at least  8 other people.


We had several baby quilts made by Gladys Burcham.  For years she made one baby quilt for the first baby born in the family.  We had 5 of her quilts on display.

One of the quilts I brought was pieced by my Great, Great, Great Grandmother.  She passed away in 1899.

We had Cracker Barrell cater our meal.  We had chicken and dumplings, roast beef, mashed potatoes, fried okra, green beans, salad, sour dough bread and corn muffins.

For dessert our class made an assortment of cobblers; cherry, apple, peach and berry.

On the table for decorations we had huge clothes pins with the cobbler recipe and dresden plate quilt blocks.  I had 20 of these from Bill’s side of the family.  We needed exactly 20 tables.

I also had my baby quilt on display and Bill’s baby quilt.

Our theme and talk for the evening was Piecing Together the Generations.  One of the woman in our class along with her daughter and her mother had a panel discussion of how they, with God’s help have accomplished this and continue to work on this in their family.

We used burlap for tables clothes.  The burlap had been used in 3 different weddings this summer and then donated to Mem. Rd. Women’s ministry.

Jemma and her friends also helped with RefresHer.  They helped set up on Monday night, served cobbler, iced drinks, helped clean up, and did whatever else we asked of them and they didn’t complain.  I was very proud of my daughter.


First Pitch

Before school started we attended a Redhawks baseball game courtesy of the Oklahoma Blood Institute.  It was one of the ways they honored the blood drive coordinators, which is what Bill does for them.

They asked Justin to throw out the first pitch, so he agreed.  He did pretty good considering he only played t-ball a couple years and it was when he was 5 or so.

I need to find out who the catcher is, since he signed Justin’s ball.  He might become famous one day.


He’s running!

Justin went out for cross country again this year.  His motivation for going out is to be faster and in shape for soccer.

Last week in Guthrie he ran the mile course in 6:27.  It was at least 100 degrees the day.  He was 74th out of about 150.  He’s doing better than he did last year.  He’s also the first one done with his drills at soccer practice.




Oklahoma, The Bi-Polar weather state.

Friday on the way to work, the DJ on the radio said we should change our license plates to say, “Oklahoma, The bi-polar weather state.”  At the time it sounded funny, later that day it came true.  The high for the day was 105 at 1:00pm.  By 6:00 it was 75.  The wind blew at 50 miles an hour.

Jemma was walking to the Nowlan Center, on OC’s campus.  As she walked by this tree it started to creak.  She kept walking.  She was ten feet past the tree and a huge limb fell out of it.   She said it freaked her out.  Her friend Jadyn was on her bike a few yards ahead of Jemma.

Free t-shirts

Will gave blood for the first time at the church blood drive on Sunday.  He has watched his dad coordinate the blood drive at church for a few years now and he knew that this was something he wanted to do.  He has also watched Bill and I give blood a couple of times.  I’ve given 3 gallons so far.  He had to be 16 and have a parent permission filled out.  He also talked two of his friends into giving.  All three of them gave at the same time.  He also got his first blood drive t-shirt.

A couple of weeks ago, Bill and I attended a Oklahoma Blood Institute Appreciation banquet.  They had all the blood drive coordinators to the Western Heritage Museum (formerly known as the Cowboy Hall of Fame) for a free meal and banquet.  It was a nice evening with 2 different families sharing their stories of how donated blood saved a family member.  One of the men that spoke had 2 t-shirt quilts made out of his blood drive t-shirts.

If you have never given blood you should give it a try.  It is an easy way to help  save someone else’s life.  The next blood drive at Memorial Rd is Jan. 6th, 2013.  If you aren’t in the OKC metro area, I’m sure there is some place to donate.