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Here’s your project, dad!

My parents are coming this weekend.  My dad likes to have something to do.  So Mother nature dropped 2 tree limbs on our roof last May during the big hail storm.  Bill and the boys got them cut out of the tree and off the roof about 2 weeks ago.  My dad can cut them up while he is here and the boys can move them.  Bill won’t be working on this project since his hands swell when he touches trees or rakes leaves.

The roofing company should be showing up any day now to replace the roof.

The Owls have it.

I work a lot of overtime this time of year.  I did get a chance to do something a little creative this weekend for a teacher at school.  I made 2 owl pillows and have 3 more sewn, just waiting on the pillow forms to fill them.

I also bought a new font for my embroidery machine and had to check it out.  It’s the alphabet with dots.  It’s pretty cute.

Oh, the places you will go

This summer I have gone to Wisconsin, Bible camp for 3 different weeks, and then to Savannah, GA.  I didn’t get to go to New Mexico to the boy scout camp, the foot locker went there.  I probably won’t get pulled out to be used until Christmas.  The stories I could tell for this summer are endless.

3 girls from Wisconsin

We grew up in Wisconsin and met at bible camp when we were about 12 or 13.  Jodi (in the purple) was my roommate my freshman year in college.  Heather is exactly one year older than I am.  Jodi lives in Piedmont and Heather lives in Chickasha.   I remember Heather’s first day at camp along with her sister.

We got together for lunch one day this summer and reminisced about camp.  We even drug out our camp photo albums.  It was a fun couple of hours.

This was our last year at camp together.  I am standing to the right of the person wearing sunglasses.

Bible camp meant so much to me since there wasn’t any other Christians in my school except my siblings.  I felt like it was the closest thing to what heaven will be like.  There was also only one place to go to bible camp in WI.  There was 4 different sessions grouped by age.  Our sessions were 2 weeks long.  After being a counselor at bible camp for one week, I can’t believe the adults made it as counselors for 2 weeks.

Civil Rights and Central High School

One of our stops was at the Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham, AL.  Unfortunately we couldn’t take pictures inside.  The one thing that impacted the girls quite a bit, was the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist church in 1963.  The church is across the street from the museum.  There was 4 girls that were killed in that bombing.  One of those girls was 11 years old.  One of the persons that was responsible for the bombing wasn’t convicted until 2002.  He died in prison in 2004.  Another man was found in Texas, but died before he went to trial.

We also stopped in Little Rock, AR. and visited Central High School.  In 1957, nine African American students tried to desegregate Central High School.  First the governor had soldiers keeping these students out, then a few weeks later the soldiers were present to help the students get into the school.  The AR national guard soldiers stayed the entire year.

The school itself was built in 1925. It’s a very impressive structure for being built back then.  It is still used as a high school.  The only time you can go inside for a tour is 9 am or 1 pm.  We didn’t get to go inside since we missed the tour times.  It’s a national park so the girls did a scavenger hunt to become junior park rangers.

All nine of the students went on to have very successful careers.

All four public high schools in Little Rock were closed during the 1958-59, because the citizens voted against integration in Sept. of 1958.

After stopping for supper outside of Little Rock, we got back to Edmond about 11:45 pm that night.


We interupt the trip coverage to Savannah to tell you why my car insurance went up $100 per month

Will got his driver’s license while I was gone to Savannah.  I got him to the DMV at 6:00 am the week before I went, but that wasn’t early enough on that day.  He and Bill were at the DMV at 4:00 am on the day of his test.  He was the first in line for a drive test that day.

Our car insurance went up $100 per month and that doesn’t include a car for him.  We have been looking since May for a used car for him, but haven’t found what is right for our needs.

Civil War history in Savannah

This is the Second African Baptist Church in Savannah.  General Sherman and War Secretary Stanton read the Emancipation Proclamation to the Negroes and freed slaves in Dec. 1864.  There is also supposed to be slave benches in this church.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to see inside because no one would come to the door after we knocked during business hours.

Of course Savannah is know for it’s squares.  Some have fountains in them, monuments to famous people, and some look like a park with only grass and trees.

I really enjoyed seeing the moss hanging from the trees.

The day we went to the beach we stopped by the lighthouse on Tybee Island.  The only day of the week it is closed is Tues. the day we were there.  It’s hard to do everything.

This was the smallest house.  I think someone is living in it, but there can’t be many rooms.


Eating with Paula Deen

We had lunch at Paula Deen’s restaurant in Savannah.  It’s called Lady and Sons.

We ate the buffet.  They served Hoecakes and biscuits to everyone.  On the buffet they had fried chicken, greens, sweet potatoes, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, green beans, black eyed peas, and more, but I can’t remember what else.  The creamed corn was the best I have ever tasted.  Ok, I don’t think I’ve had creamed corn before and I probably won’t try it again since it was so good.  My standards are too high now.  I think the sweet potatoes were to sweet.  The chicken was better than KFC.

This is the front of the restaurant.

South Carolina is just over the bridge from Savannah, so we decided to drive across and say we were also in South Carolina.  We drove through, OK, Arkansas, Tenn, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina.

After our trip I figured out that Jemma has been in 27 or 28 states and she’s only 11.  I’ll have to go recount now.

Brush with Royalty

Our last day in Savannah was our day to do all the Girl Scout stuff.  Juliette Gordon Low is the founder of Girl Scouts. We toured her home where she lived as a married woman, had the first Girl Scout meetings and died from breast cancer.  We were running behind to get to our next tour at her birthplace home, so I don’t even have a picture of the front of that house, which is the Andrew Low Home.  It’s named after her father-in-law.  This is the carriage house in the back where she had her first Girl Scout meeting.

We got to her birthpace home in time, walked in and got their picture taken with Miss North Carolina, Mrs. Georgia, and Miss Teen Alabama.  They were in Savannah for a pageant and were doing a scavenger hunt.  The needed a picture of a girl scout in uniform.

It was hard to get a picture of the front of the  Juliette Gordon Low birthplace home and Girl Scout Museum, because of some construction they were doing.  The third floor of her home was added just for her wedding.  It is identical to the 2nd floor which is bedrooms.

We went to her gravesite.  She designed it herself.  She also painted, sculpted and did metal work.  She was disappointed with her life; she was deaf, didn’t have any children, married a man that had a mistress, fought his will (he left the Andrew Low home to his mistress) and won, when she had a meeting with the man that founded Boy Scouts.  Boy did he have an idea for her.  Her story is very inspiring.  Devonne Carter and I started crying when we saw the book and table that Juliette first used to sign up Girl Scouts.  Jadyn and Jemma told us to stop crying because we were embarrassing them.






Sun, Sand, Surf and Dolphins

Tuesday morning we went out on a boat with Captain Mike’s Dolphin tours and looked for dolphins.  This was my absolute favorite thing I did on our trip.  I enjoyed being out on the boat and enjoying the water.  I would love to go back and do it again.

The tour boat would go out find a shrimp boat and follow it.  The dolphins would also follow the shrimp boats, because when the boats dumped the extra stuff they picked up while catching shrimp, that’s what the dolphins would eat.

I took picture after picture, trying to capture on film the dolphins, but it just didn’t happen.  The lady that was the tour guide for the dolphin tour said she has never gotten one on film either, and she’s been a tour guide for many years.  She said to take video. avorite thing I did on our trip.  We saw lots of dolphins and I really enjoyed the ride in the boat and our tour guides.


After our  tour we ate at the Crab Shack.  This was the view from our table.  While we were waiting on our food a dolphin swam past the pier.  It was very cool.

I ate boiled shrimp and a celery soup with blue crab in it.  It was ok.  I don’t think I’m a huge fish person.

We spent the next three hours at the beach on Tybee Island.  The girls played in the water, buried each other in the sand then back in the water they would go.


For supper that night we ate at the Pirate House.  It used to be like a truck stop where the pirates could take a bath.  The pirates would also kidnap anyone that wasn’t a pirate that came into this establishment.  It’s also supposedly haunted.  A lot of places in Savannah are supposedly haunted.

This restaurant is built around the oldest house in Georgia.  It was built in 1734.  It’s called the Herb House.

I ate pecan crusted tilapia that night.  It was very good.