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I was cleaning up my computer at school before it was out, when I ran across these pictures of my kids.  Soon after OKC got the Thunder, the mascot Rumble came to our school.  Here Rumble is with Jemma.  She was in second grade.

Rumble giving Justin a double high five.   Justin was in 4th grade.  Rumble has so much energy, I don’t know how he does it for a whole game.

She did it all by herself

Since Jemma is moving up in rank as a Girl Scout, she is now a cadette, she needed a new vest.  Especially since we are going to the birth place of Girl Scouts this summer.


She sewed all the new patches on by herself using my sewing machine and invisible thread.

Spinach and Popeye

Last week during VBS there isn’t anything for 6th graders to do.  Their to old to go to VBS and to young to go to camp.  So a couple of years ago, my friend Devonne decided to start a work camp.

Thursday we took them to the regional foodbank in OKC.  They weighed and rebagged frozen spinach.  Jemma and her friend Kayla are sealing the bags after another 6th grader had weighed the bags and made sure they were exacty 2 pounds.

The spinach was in huge barrels and had to be broken up before it could be bagged, weighed and sealed.  We took 30 students and they bagged enough spinach to feed 1,096 families in about 1 and 1/2 hours.

Other things the students did during work camp is pick up trash around Tealridge Retirement Community, make a craft for those residents, pick up trash around the church building, hang up clothes at a resale shop where the proceeds benefit the less fortunate, and help supervise little students at VBS.

Most Important Decision

We drove down to Camp PettiJohn near Madill, OK to witness Justin putting on Christ.  The junior high students had been down there since Sunday.

We are so excited and proud for his decision to become a brother in Christ.

There was 5 other campers that were also baptized last night; Caleb Caldwell, Zhoe Jones, Emma Fennel, Maggie Mitchell and the last picture is of Alexandra Phelps.

Firecracker Craft!

I saw this idea on Moda Bake Shop last year and Jemma finally made them with me this year.  All you need is 10″ squares of fabric, 6″ length of ribbon, rick rack, or trim, toilet paper roll, and glue.

Roll the fabric around the toilet paper tube, use glue when you start and then a little at the end.  Tie the ribbon or trim on each end of the roll in a knot.  Voila, firecrackers.

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Of course we had storm damage like very one else did while I was gone to WI.  Bill had stayed home to coordinate the blood drive at church.  The day we got the storm damage was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for Bill.  Yes, there is actually 2 large limbs laying on the roof.

He woke up that morning with his hands swollen.  He does this after raking leaves or trimming trees.  He mowed the grass the day before, but hadn’t had problems in the past after cutting the grass.

He drove his mini to Moore to show some guy and it broke down before he got there.  He called me to see what to do.  Sometimes it’s hard to give advice when you are 850 miles away.  I told him to call a friend to bring his trailer and pick up him and his mini.

As it turns out the engine on the mini was blown.  Then we had the hail storm.  We have roof, gutter, siding and tree damage.

Calm before the “Thunder” Storm

Monday night I took my Girl Scouts to Bricktown to stay overnight at a hotel, swim, eat and have fun with the money they made from cookie sales.  Also to reward them for the hard work on their Bronze award.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn, it has a small indoor swimming pool with some fun water park features.  Then we walked around the canal to eat at Zio’s.  We got to the restaurant between 6 and 6:30.  We were seated immediately.

I thought that walking around the canal would have been very crowded with the first game of the NBA finals starting the next night.  But hardly anyone was out.  Of course, it was Monday night.  I don’t know if that had anything to do with it.

This was the view out our hotel window of the Bricktown Ballpark (it’s called something else now, but I don’t know what).  The girls thought it would have been cool if there had been a game that night.  It actually took 3 tries to get hotel and 4 girls on the same schedule.  The first 2 dates we could get together, the hotel was booked.  The first time was because of the Big 12 Baseball tournament, the second time I don’t know why the hotel was booked, but I enquired before the Thunder made it to the Finals.

Oh, the things you see while you travel…

In Grundy County, Iowa they have a large number of barns that have quilts on them.  I have been driving through this area on the way to WI for years.  I keep trying to see if they have put up any new ones as I drive by.

This one is on the end of a convience store in Grundy Center.  It helps to break the trip up when I’m looking for quilt blocks.  Here’s more info on the quilt blocks

The convience store also had a quilt hanging in it.

Last and First

On the last day of school for 5th grade, Jemma was also in her last play and last class in Journey Land at church.  The curriculum in Journey Land is set up to go through the whole bible in elementary school using as many of their five senses and creative methods, such as plays, etc.  Jemma’s group when they started Journey Land started in Genesis and ended in Revelations.  That only happens that way every 6 years, when you start Journey Land in 1st grade you start where ever the rest of the grades are in the rotation.

Some start with David, while others start with Jesus, but every student will go through the bible while in elementary school at MRCC.  Jemma part in the play was inviting others to the banquet when the first people that were invited couldn’t make it.  It was a neat way of helping them understand that everyone is invited to Heaven.

Jemma is now in the 6th grade class at church.  That class meets in the Summit.  She’s that much closer to joining the youth group.

Speed Visiting Part 2

No visit to the farm would be complete without some cow pictures.   This cow has twin heifer calves.  My dad was getting ready to turn them out with the rest of the herd.  He wanted to make sure the mama cow bonded with both calves.  Sometimes a mama cow won’t bond with each calf then you have to find another way of taking care of the calf she rejects.  Sometimes a cow that has lost a calf will take another calf or they have to be bottle fed until they are weaned.

We also check out the crops when we are at home.  The boys and I helped clean 1300 bushels of corn out of the corn bin into a big grain hauling truck and 2 gravity boxes.  Now he has to wait for the price of corn to go back up.  It dropped $.25 a bushel after we cleaned out the corn bin.  I didn’t take any pictures in the grain bin because it gets very dusty.

We always make time for a weiner roast in the woods.  This area isn’t far from the weiner roast we had last December.  It was a nice day, the day we were in the woods.  The temp was about 80.  The wind blew just enough to keep the bugs at bay.

This plant is called a Jack in the Pulpit.   It’s supposed to be standing up, but the cows walked over it and knocked it down.  The blossom is coming out between the two branches.  Here’s more info on this plant if your interested

This is my nephew Ethan, Justin and another nephew Jeremy breaking branches out of the downed tree for the fire to roast the hotdogs on.

This is Justin, another nephew Mason and Ethan hanging out in the deer stand right behind where we had our picnic.

My brother Kent teaching Samantha the Fuzzy little catepillar song.