Monthly Archives: May 2012

Graduation present

My nephew graduated from high school yesterday in WI.  I made this t-shirt quilt for him for his gift.

Music to my ears.

Both boys had vocal music concerts within the last two weeks.  Justin sang a solo during his concert.  He sang one verse of O Brother Where Art Thou from the movie of the same title.  He did a really good job.  Originally he wasn’t even going to go out for chorus this year.

Will is in the men’s chorus in high school.  I was very impressed at how many students are in the men’s chorus and all the choruses at EMHS.  They honored 70 senoirs that night.  It is a very impressive program.

The Tale of one pattern.

These 4 friends decided to have dresses made for their 5th grade graduation.  They also decided to use the same pattern.  This pattern had 3 different looks to it.  Can you see the differences besides color?

I made Jemma’s dress, but she helped me cut it out.  Jemma’s dress is a halter dress.  The solid color dresses are tank style and the other floral print has sleeves to it.

Fear the Beard

A couple of years ago, Bill grew out his beard to be Kimbo Slice for Halloween.  A lot of people thought he would be James Harden that year.  I was searching for pictures for Jemma when I found this picture.  I have my own beard to fear in my house.


Socializing as a 7th grader

Last Friday night Justin had his last 7th grade cotillion dance.  Of the reasons we have had our kids participate in this activity is because of the lessons that are taught.  The lesson this time was given by Devonne Carter on being thankful.  She did a fantastic job with only having 20 minutes.  She talked about writing thank you notes and about being thankful for everything in your life.

The cotillion took place at the Round Barn in Arcadia.  It had been postponed from April 13th due to the possiblilities of storms.  It was so hot inside the barn Friday night, they moved everything outside.

Justin doesn’t know the name of the girl that asked him to dance, but he did know that her locker is right next to his.

Bronze Award

One of the things that has gotten in my way of blogging lately is helping my Girl Scout troop complete their bronze award.  This award is achieved when the girls complete some type of project that benefits the community.  These girls dug out the grass, leveled the dirt, then laid landscape fabric, shoveled sand, then learned how to lay bricks.

They also planted flowers in a flower bed.  This was done in a courtyard at their school.  They put in about 8 hours of time a piece.