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Jemma turns 11

Happy Birthday to Jemma she turns 11 today.


Night at the Museum

Friday night I spent the night at the science museum with Jemma and her friends for a Girl Scout function.  I’m sad to say nothing happened to us like it did in the movie.  I was very disappointed.  They saw the science show and then worked on badges.  The enjoyed the planetarium show and the other exhibits.

We checked in at 7:00 pm, got to shut off lights at 1:00 am, wake up at 6:30, breakfast at 7:00, then dismissed when your area was cleaned up.  I think the girls all slept pretty good, but I didn’t. I did have a cot, but just didn’t sleep well away from home.

New office Real Estate!

Last week Bill was honored by the Edmond Public Schools Foundation for completing his National Board Teaching Certificate.  He has taught for Edmond Public Schools for 20 years.

Starting June 11th that will come to an end.  He will start working for OC in the North Institute.  He will be helping the professors on implementing technology into their teaching and developing on line courses.

This will be his first summer since graduating from college that he has worked.  It will be quite a change.


Justin was a penguin in his drama skit for LTC.    It was borrowed from a friend who wore it 20 years ago at Spring Sing .

Noah  interviewed the animals to find out what they needed when they went on the ark.  Justin said he needed 5 pounds of sardines a day.  The polar bear sitting by Justin said he needed 5 penguins a day.  It was pretty funny.

All 3 kids participated in a different chorus.  All 3 choruses received golds.


At LTC, Jemma signed a song.  She did a good job.  She was awarded a gold for her hard work.

I was sad I wasn’t able to see everyone’s performances.  A couple of them had overlapping events.  I was sick the weekend before when the have a dress rehersal and preview at church.

Both boys did song leading.  Will got a gold and Justin got a silver.  Justin got a bronze in bible quiz, Jemma also got a bronze in bible quiz, and Will got a gold in bible reading.


Will drove all the way to Grapevine Mills outlet mall in Grapevine, TX.  He needed a break so we stopped at the visitor center just across the red river.  They were not happy that I made them take a picture by the sign.  Will also drove all the way home from the Hilton-Anatole in Dallas on Sunday.  He even drove through a very heavy downpour in Dallas.  I had never driven in Dallas until I drove for a girls shopping weekend last summer.

Arms and Legs

A couple of weeks ago I took my Girl Scouts on a tour of Scott Sabolich.  They are a company that makes prosthetic arms and legs.  One of the girl’s in my troop, her mom works there.  It was very interesting and the girls really enjoyed the tour.  They showed us a step by step process of how it works to get a prosthetic limb.  Their facility is really nice.  You can buy a leg anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 depending on what you want to do and how it looks.  Their website is if you want to see or learn more about prosthetics.  They also have a mini museum showing the very first prosthetics.

Signs of Spring

I usually think of flowers and birds, but track meets are a sign of spring in our family.

For years Bill coached track and now both boys are both involved.  Will has been practicing for a what seems like a long time.  He went to an indoor meet in February.  Monday was the first track meet I got to see him throw.  He is throwing the shot put in this picture.

Here he is throwing discus.  He won this event at a track meet last week, but didn’t have his best meet when I saw him throw on  Monday.