Monthly Archives: February 2012

Service with a smile.

Tuesday night Jemma and her Girl Scout troop served at the Princess Tea at Church.


They helped make magic wands.

They helped with the Princess and the Pea musical pillow game.  They had a great time.  A teenager that also helped that night, said she wished her Girl Scout troop had done something like this when she was in Girl Scouts.

The tale of one door

This is the new door that Bill and I bought this week.  Oh, I know it isn’t a door, it’s a new hot water heater for one half of your house.  We actually used the money we had been saving for another new door.  Actually I’m pretty glad we didn’t have to use any money from our emergency fund, we’ll just start saving up again for the door.  I’m also greatful that I have 2 hot water heaters.  We still had hot showers while we waited for the plumber to help us out.

Putting my contract to work

On my blog a few weeks ago, I posted about a contract Jemma made with the whole family.  It said I need to sew alot in order to get done with my projects.  Well, I’m still sewing, I just don’t always get to my projects.

This July,  Jemma and I are going to Savannah, GA, the birth place of Girl Scouts.  With the money I make from my sewing I will pay for my trip.  Jemma will pay for her trip through selling Girl Scout cookies and some other fund raising events.

So if you know anyone that needs a pair of pants hemmed, curtains made, or a decorated shirt give them my information.

When it’s too cold to be outside…

start tearing your house apart.  Since the temperature was 21 degrees F this morning, Bill decided to tear out the paneling in the living room since it was too cold to stain the door that is going in the living room.  You can see the new door in the picture, it’s sitting in front of the door that has never had a handle since we have lived here.  We have now lived in this house 5 years.

We plan to scrape the popcorn off the ceilings, texture the walls and paint before or during spring break, because we have purchased wood flooring to put in the living room.

Another Valentine creation

I saw this idea on pinterest and made it for Jemma for Valentines day.

Is it a horse or a dog?

Sometimes he thinks he’s human by how he sits on the couch.  My sister’s dogs have been at my house for a week, she’s been on a cruise.

My parents were here off and on for a week before the dogs were here.  I don’t usually have that much company.


Leslie Proctor took family pictures for us the end of Nov.   She did a really great job.  She was really patient with my kids when they wouldn’t smile or had an idea for a picture even if it was crazy.  I don’t expect my kids to smile for pictures, I just tell them I want a pleasant look on their faces.

I love this picture since Justin is standing on his toes to be taller.  I’m not so sure Bill isn’t on his toes also.

Got Cookies!

Yes, my house is once again full of cookies.  I will deliver to your house if you need thin mints, samoas, tagalongs, dosidos, trefoils, or Savannah Smiles (which are a new lemon cookie).


One of the things Girl Scouts do to get ready to sell cookies is a Cookie Rally.  Since Jemma and her group are Junior Girl Scouts, they got to help run the craft booth at the rally.

I took them to the store the night before, helped them purchase what they needed,  they prepared what they needed and then taught the younger girl scouts how to make the craft.  They did a fantastic job with everything.  It was an enjoyable experience for me since the girls get along great and are such hard workers.

Have you wandered through an office supply store lately.  They carry about 10 different colors of paper clips, binder clips and a whole aisle of different colored highlighters and markers.  Who know there was such a rainbow of color at the office supply store.  I also got to use a $5 off coupon if we spent more than $25.