Monthly Archives: December 2011

Lacking a white Christmas

We spent Christmas dinner at my uncle and aunt’s house, the Cedar Falls river runs past their back yard.  There was about 1/2 inch of snow on the ground that morning, but it melted off early.  With the little snow that was on the ground, Justin kept asking if we could go sledding.  There wasn’t even enough to sled.  I did buy sleds in WI and brought them home in case we have enough snow this winter to sled.

This is only the second time I can remember that we didn’t have snow on Christmas day.  The first time I remember not having snow was when I was 13 years old.

Every day in the newpaper my parents get, it has a crossword puzzle and sudoko.  My kids and my mom spent a lot of time doing them together.

My mom gave Justin and Jemma latch hooking kits to work on.  Jemma had never done one before, so she got a really small one and finished it.  Justin has done one before, he just needed to be reminded how to do it.

The big Grinch

I finished piecing my Cozy Grinchmas quilt the other night.  I hope I can get it quilted during January, since I don’t think I’ll  have time to do it during break.  I really liked this pattern, it went pretty quick and I can use it again with other theme fabrics.

More Crafty Christmas stuff.

I found this idea on pinterest.  I haven’t done a ton of looking on pinterest, I’ve heard it is addictive.

I made this quilt a couple of years ago, and haven’t quilted it yet.  I made up the pattern for this quilt and taught it as a class.  I base it off the “Elf” movie.

Jemma and I have also made 3 different letters for gifts.  One for her friends birthday, one for a teacher gift and one as a Secret Santa gift.

I thought about what I gave as gifts last year and I think I made goodies to give as gifts.  This year I did more crafts.  I’m thinking that I either cook or sew, but I don’t have enough time to get both done during the Christmas season.


OC Dean’s wife and Catherine won the Grinch quilts.


Grinch Giveaway

I’m almost finished making myself a big Grinch quilt.  I had extra fabric leftover so I made little quilts to give as gifts.  I think I made 11 total.  I have 2 more left and I decided I wanted to give them to my followers.  So leave a comment before Saturday night and I will write every number on a piece of paper and have Bill draw out of a hat.  I will post the winners on Sunday and get them to the winner as soon as possible.  Good luck!

Guess who dressed up again?

 Our school had a book fair at Barnes and Noble today, so Justin dressed up as Rankin the Eagle.  He told everyone at his school that he was going to do it.  He really got into.   Kind of reminded me of his dad.

The little girl in the purple loved the eagle.  She cried every time he walked away.  She would high five him and give him hugs.  Another little girl took his wing and drug him around the store.  It was really cute.

Jemma’s honor choir from school sang some carols and some other songs.

Sweets and Service

Last Saturday from 10-12 Jemma and I went a participated in Sweets and Service.  Robin from The WaWaWaughs organized this event.  Women of all ages came to the church building to make crafts, make cards, write cards, decorate gift bags, bag cookies and then fill the gift bags.

There was several girls that were there younger than Jemma.  Jemma is making a holiday door hanger. 

We had a light breakfast, followed by a devotional, then we got to work.  After everything was done, about 23 women including Jemma and I went to the nursing home to deliver the bags to the residence.

The door hangers were hung on everydoor and every resident received a gift bag full of goodies.  It was a great experience to share with Jemma.  I’m so thankful for Robin for coming up with the idea and having the talent to coordinate and organize everything.