Monthly Archives: November 2011

Creativity that wasn’t mine

I made this table runner last night.  I didn’t make the flowers in the middle, that was done before I got it.  I just cut and sewed the pieces together, then added the ruffle at the ends.  The flowers were made by twisting strips of fabric, then hot gluing them in place.   It was really neat on how they turned out.  I should have taken a picture of just the flowers so you could see the technique better.

Christmas Wear!

Here is the latest Christmas shirts I’ve made.  I will get to wear mine a lot more than the turkey shirts since I got them done so early.  Jemma’s shirt is the tree and mine is the Santa hat.

Pony rides $5

I watched my sister’s 4 dogs this week while she went to Wisconsin to see our family.  She has a great dane and 3 yorkies.  The great dane is now 3 years old and full grown.  We watched him 2 years ago and he wasn’t quite as big.

Jemma’s friends stopped by to see the dogs.  I decided I should have charged admission.  I can assure you that Justin didn’t spend all his time laying around with them either.  The dogs went home last night, so now I can clean up all the extra  dirt and mud they drug in.

Makin’ Turkeys

No I’m not cooking turkeys, we will help our church do that Thursday for Thanksgiving day in the City.  I’ve made 6 shirts similar to these in the last couple of days.

I’m glad Jemma was around to help me on the last shirt.  She arranged this one, while I sewed on another one.

2 different looks to Homecoming

This is a picture of Will after his first homecoming parade at Edmond Memorial High school as a freshman.  He rode the float with the freshman football team.

This is Will at his first homecoming parade in Oct. 2000.  He was the homecoming prince for Edmond North High School.

After showing Will the pictures from his first homecoming, the first thing he said was, they were wearing the wrong color and the second thing he said was, that he couldn’t believe how little he used to be.

Need a warm and comfy quilt?

This quilt will be a silent auction item at the Camp Rock Creek Chili dinner,and  silent auction that will be this Sat. night.  Devonne Carter asked me to make this quilt for the silent auction portion of the night.  There will also be a bonfire and devotional.

Camp Rock Creek is northeast of Norman and is the location of Inside Out Camp, MRCC sponsors.   Jemma went there  last summer.  She will be to old to attend next summer.

How to use crutches?

In Jemma’s case you Google it.  She learned all she needed to know on how to use crutches for her Halloween costume by looking up how to use crutches on Google.  She also practiced around the house and down the street.  I thought that was hilarious.  She also got lots of sympathy and extra candy because people thought she really injured herself.  It was just her costume.

Will decided to dress up for Halloween also.  He went to school as Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine.  I had to help him do his hair that morning.  I think I did a pretty good job.  I was up a 5:40am that morning to make sure Bill and Will were both ready.

Justin dressed up as Senor Feugo.  He helped out Sunday night at church for the carnival.  He was very tired because he had just gotten back from the junior high retreat at 2:30 pm that afternoon.