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It’s so easy a Caveman can do it.

Last hint before the reveal…..

Last hint before the reveal….. I am a math teacher so this hint is math related….. “the bottom of the pyramid!”

Another hint

I got behind and can’t remember what number so here goes.

Bill’s character is from a commercial not necessarily from a TV show.

Hint #4

The beard has something to do with it.  (Sorry this hint is late)

#5 of the TOP 7 hints for 2011 is …

#5 of the TOP 7 hints for 2011 is … that the main colors are white and maroon.

Halloween countdown #6 Hint of the TOP 7

#6 of the TOP 7 hints for 2011 is … This character is on TV!

Something new for the 2011 Costume!

As Halloween approaches our family starts to get anxious, but as from all of the inquiring as to my costume for this year it seems as if others are anxious too!  So we are going to start something new this year, each day as we get closer and closer to Halloween we will give one hint per day until the reveal in a week. 
So here is today’s #7 of the top 7 … it is sports related!

Scrape and Paint

So instead of resting and relaxing during fall break, I decided to paint our bedroom.  I scraped the ceilings and then painted walls and ceiling with a color called light rafia from Lowe’s.

I found the curtains on clearance a few weeks ago at Target that matched the bedding I had purchased a couple of years ago.  I picked up curtain rods at Hobby Lobby at 40% off.  Bill painted and cut crown molding as an added touch to our bedroom.  I thought about going a little darker with the paint, but after I got the curtains up and the furniture in place I’m glad I didn’t go any darker.

The goal is to replace the carpet after we redo the bathroom in case we get anything on it then.  There is floor glue on it from when we put the wood floors down.  Butler, our sheltie, managed to step in the glue then step on the carpet in the bedroom. 

This rocking chair was owned by some member of my extended family when she homesteaded in North or South Dakota.

Last Elementary School Programs

Tonight was Jemma’s last elementary school program.  The theme to the program was gym class, so the teacher encouraged them to wear sports jersey.  Jemma decided to wear my softball jersey I wore when I played in high school.

My maiden name is on the back of the jersey.  I’ld forgotten about that until I drug it out of the closet this morning.

Series of Unfortunate Events

So last week I had an allergic reaction to something.  I got bit on Tues. afternoon at Mitch park by something, while at Justin’s cross country meet.   Friday I went to the dr and they drew on my arm, gave me antibiotics, and something to get rid of the reaction.  One of the side affects to one of the medications is insomnia.   Friday and Sat. night I went camping with the girl scouts.  Guess who didn’t sleep.  But more about that later.

Then tonight after I got off work and was running errands, a  woman pulled out of a parking lot and hit me.  I had one of Jemma’s friends in the van, but now one else.  The van’s driveable and the door still opens.  Just left me very frazzled.