Monthly Archives: September 2011

Can you believe, someone was throwing this away!

This quilt was on the give away table at the Edmond Quilt Guild last week.  If I hadn’t saved it, it might have gone in the trash.  I think it makes a great home on my front porch.

Crafty Girl

I gave Jemma a kit for Christmas that made this tote bag and a wallet.  She finished the tote bag today.  She worked on it last Sat. and again this Sat.  She learned how to thread the needle on her machine and a hand needle.  She also learned how to sew buttons on.

She did a really good job.  I have figured out when she is sewing I have to limit what I am doing.  I try not to sew  especially if I am doing something for someone else and try to keep track of my time.  I might read a book or look at blogs or facebook, things I can put down and give her help when she needs it.

Interior Decorator

No I didn’t hire an interior decorator, she actually lives with me.  Jemma got all my fall decorations out on Sat.  It was fun to see where she put things.  A few things she did ask me where to put, but for the most part she had a plan for all of it.

It’s just a swingin’!! (with no rot!)

After seasons of a free swinging gate with rot we now have a solid heavy swinging gate with no  rot.  Thanks to an almost full family effort.  This project was initiated by Amy’s Dad when they were down a couple of weeks ago.  They “conveniently” left before the project was finished but was begun by Dave McClurg.  Bill was in on it all along and Jemma had the idea of the “A” , so she and her Mom went and bought it at their favorite spot Hobby Lobby.  By the way a great way to never get in trouble for going to Hobby Lobby too often is to enter it in the check book as “Lowes”.  Will our oldest joined in and helped with some power nailing with the air nailer.  He was quite surprised that his Dad let him.  His Dad is pretty protective of his power tools!  So over all a pretty good project by a great family!  (Bill wrote this, but tried to make it sound like I wrote it?)

Pigskin season

Will is playing  football again this year.  It’s different than last year, since this team consists of 2 middle schools coming together to form a freshman team.  He hasn’t seen as much playing time as he has in the past.  They’ve only played 2 games, but they are the Edmond City Champs for this year since they beat North High School and Santa Fe High School in triple OT.  That game was quite a nail biter.

When the camera is stolen by your own kids.

Justin was taking pictures at the football game the other night.  I don’t know what his thought process was as he was taking pictures.  He is taking a class at school called Multi-Media.  He’s already made a little sports movie about soccer and now he wants to start a blog.  I have told him he’s more that welcome to be a guest on my blog.  He’s also going to be the historian for his Boy Scout troop this year.  I think he’ll have lots of opportunity to let his creativity show.

Run, Justin, Run

Justin ran his first cross country meet yesterday.  He finished about the middle of the pack.

7th graders run 1 mile.  His best time in practice had been 9 min. 17 sec.  He finished his first race 8 min. 7 sec.  He shaved a whole minute off his time.  Way to go Justin.