Monthly Archives: August 2011

All by herself

This is Jemma’s latest cake she decorated.  She was motivated by a picture.   She added the dark trim around the bottom of the cake that wasn’t in the picture.

This was her second cake she decorated.  The icing feel out of the top of the bag not the tip.  So she decide to diguse the mistake and create a huge unibrow.  She then added a curly mustache to make it look like a guy.  I was proud of her that she wanted me to take a picture of the one that got messed up and  blog about it.

The next cake boss

Jemma has been wanting to learn to decorate cakes for a while, so a couple of weeks ago she got the chance to take a lesson.  A friend from church had a cake to decorate so Jemma took a friend and they got started.  She taught them about the tools and simple techniques such as what it means to dirty ice a cake.   She had a lot of fun and wants to learn more.

She’s getting quite handy in the kitchen.  She learned to make no bake cookies all by herself this week.

Summer bucket list incomplete

Friday night we went to the drive-in, in Guthrie.   The movie we saw was Zookeeper.  It was kind of goofy. We usually go a couple times a summer.  This was my first time and summer is pretty much gone.  Bill and Jemma went when I was gone to Dallas the last weekend in July.

There is a couple of other things we normally do during our summer that we haven’t made it to yet; like a Redhawks baseball game.

Bible Fair

This summer the 5th graders at church took a different approach to bible learning.  The end result was making some type of display for a bible fair.

Jemma and Jayden jumped into this project head on.  They picked a bible story early in the summer and formulated a plan.  They asked if they could meet several times to get things done.  They made the ark out of model magic, painted, developed their display board and learned to use a hot glue gun.  I’m so proud of them.  They needed very little help and got it finished with plenty of time left. 

You can go and see all the projects Wed. night during bible class.

Entering the land of high school

Friday I walked Will to the bus stop, we hadn’t had a chance to find it yet.  His dad helped him pick up his schedule, find his classsrooms and his way around Memorial High School. When we got to the bus stop, I was going to pray with him, but I got to chocked up and couldn’t.  He gave me a hug and said the prayer.  He also said I knew you would be upset about me starting high school.  I wasn’t  nearly as worried about high school as I had been about middle school.  It just hit me when I was going to pray with him.  I was walking away and he said aren’t you going to going to take my picture.  I was going to take his picture when he wasn’t paying attention after I left. 

Justin met his friend and walked off to start his 7th grade year.

Jemma started her 5th grade year.  I was very proud of her because she didn’t have any anxiety before starting school this year like she has had for the past 3 years.

Many positions of sleep

This kid can sleep anywhere.  This picture is of him asleep in the car on the way to WI for Christmas last winter.

Justin fell asleep at his Boy Scout lock-in the other night.  Bill took his picture for me.  I had to ask twice to make sure he was asleep.  It’s hard to believe he could sleep in this position.

Dad is tired of being soccer mom.

After holding down the fort for 8 days, while I have worked as much as 11 hour days, Bill is done being the soccer mom.  He has had to go pick up school schedules for both boys, pick up Will from football practice, shuttle kids to friends houses and birthday parties.  He kept telling me the other night that he wasn’t very good at it.  He also complained he hadn’t been home much one day.


I’ve been doing it for years, and years and years.

I think he is excited to be going back to work on Monday.  He did a better job than what he gave himself credit for.  He had supper made before I got home from work several evenings.

I think I’ll keep him.

Have you seen the new baby!

Jemma, some friends, and I made our way to the zoo the last week in July.  We got to see the new baby elephant.  We got to the zoo about 8:30 and left by 11:00.

We went on a Wed. because they were offering $1 entrance fee.  We left about 11:00 am so we wouldn’t be there when it actually hit over 100 degrees.  Isn’t she cute. 

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been to the zoo.  We used to have a family pass and go about once a week.  The boys loved going.  Now the oldest boy doesn’t want to go to the zoo.

The alligators were always the boy’s favorite animals to see at the zoo.  The also really liked the big cats.

We also took in the sea lion show.  It was only a dollar that day too.  The sea lions were quite entertaining.

Round 3 with the AC

Our AC unit went out for the first time on July 27th at 1:00 am.  It  took Bill and I, 20 min. to figure out which breaker to shut off since we have 2 units and neither were marked in the breaker box.  The AC guy came out on July 28th around 2:00 pm.  He got it working after 2 new parts at a big price.  The unit is original to the house, so it’s about 35 years old.  He also gave some TLC to the other unit since it had been working so hard to make up for it’s down counterpart.

July 30th, Bill texts me on my way home from Dallas to tell me that the original problem unit isn’t working again.  After talking to some other friends at church on the 31st we realize we probably need bigger fuses in the fuse box.  A stop at Lowe’s and $3 later, problem solved.

That brings us to last night when it wasn’t working again.  Bill ran to Lowe’s and grabbed new fuses that were heavy duty, dual-element, time-delay, since we are trying a program through our electric company that we don’t use our appliances during high peak time.  These fuses cost $12.  He put the new ones in and they blew right away.  He took the box down, decided we needed a new fuse box.  Back to Lowe’s at 9:45 pm.  They are open until 10:00 pm.  Unfortunately they didn’t have a new fuse box.  The guy at Lowe’s said go home and clean it real good.  It blew right away.

That brings us to this morning.  The AC guy came about 8:10 am. He replaced the whole fuse box.  Hopefully we are done calling the AC guy this year.  Who knew a fuse box and installation could cost so much!

Last Day of Summer

Today was my last day of summer vacation, it’s back to work tomorrow. 

I went to a taste test this morning with Sonic.  I got $20 and a $20 gift card for doing that.  This afternoon I went swimming with my family.

I also finished this quilt.

This is a signature quilt for my assistant Principal from last year.  She has moved on to be the Principal at a new school.  I got all the students to sign quilt blocks before school got out.  I didn’t have time to do it earlier in the summer because of sewing for the ballet.  I’ve made a second quilt identical to this one for my Principal from last year, since she retired.  I’m not quite finished with hers.