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Crafty girls

Jemma had her friends over at different times this summer to do a little craft.  The modge podged scrapbook paper onto wooden letters and a heart.

Here’s what they came up with.

Time is running out…

To get my summer projects done.  I did get the cushion done for the bench seat in Jemma’s bathroom.  This project has been lingering around for several years.  You can’t see it real well, but the cushion has piping also.

I can now say, I’m officially done redecorating her bathroom.  I may have painted her bathroom like three years ago.  At least it’s done.

Not only did she grow 4.5 inches in the last year…

She decided she was big enough to climb the 60 foot silo at my parents farm.  She is also an only child this week since the boys are gone to Boy Scout camp.

She did make it to the top.  In this picture she is almost there.   Her prayer at lunch on Sunday was thanking God for the boys being gone.  This is the second time this summer the boys have both been gone at the same time.

I think the third picture is of Justin making it to the top for the second year in a row.  Bill was taking the pictures since I was ordering lunch from our favorite sub shop back home.

Where’s the beef?

 In the past when we have been home, the bulls are usually out with the cows.  This year we were home sooner.

So the bulls were out the back door  by the house.  There was an electric barb wire fence and a white, wooden panel fence between them and me.

My dad has three different bulls.  As I am trying to post their pictures, I hope I picked out a picture of each one of them.  I would hate for them to be upset if I didn’t get one of them pictured.

As I was out taking pictures, I started talking to the bulls and this one came over to see what I was doing.  My dad’s bulls are pretty quite for bulls.  He doesn’t keep them around if they are ornery or mean.

Hometown Visits

My friend from high school posted a picture of her kids in front of our hometown sign and posted it on facebook.  So when we were home I thought I would do the same thing.  My kids weren’t very excited to do this. 

My hometown has come a long way since I lived there… ok let’s just say I graduated from high school in 1988 and came to OC that fall.  You can do the math yourself.   It has a McDonald’s and a Super Walmart.  It used to be a 2 stop light town, now it’s a 3 stop light town.

My hometown is named after an Indian princess.  She  jumped off the rock formation in town, killing herself after her father, the chief, wouldn’t let her marry the guy she wanted.  At least that is what I remember the teachers telling me in school.

Bird’s eye view

Yes, I was part of the sewing crew that made almost 400 African shirts for the elementary and high school students to wear yesterday for Mission Sunday.

Justin said he tripped walking on to the stage before he sung, since it was dark.  I said, well no one saw you.  His buddies did that he is standing by.

I’m not a fan of sitting in the nose bleed section at church.  I ususally get to distracted watching parents taking out their wiggley, or loud little ones.

But on Mission Sunday, I don’t mind so much.  I get to see the big picture from above.  Like all the children that lined the aisles singing the song in Swahili all dressed in African shirts.  Last year everyone in the auditorium had a candle lit.  This year I brought my camera.

On Mission Sunday we have one worship service when normally we have two.  From this vantage point you can really see how big this family is.  I grew up going to church with as few as 10 people and the most was probably 40.  I feel very blessed to have such a big church family.

  It meant alot to me when other Christians would visit or come on a mission trip and help with VBS.  When you are on vacation, do you take time to visit the local church to be an encouragement to them?  I hope I’ve encouraged the local church when I have been in places such as Tomah, WI, LaCrosse, WI, Pocatello, ID, Scappoose, OR, Vincent, OH, Branson, MO, Mt. Vernon, MO, Maysville, OK, Lindsay, OK and Huber Heights, OH.

The Great Mallo experiment

After Robin, at the WaWaWaugh’s, featured the giant marshmallows on her blog, I knew I needed to try these.  So when we were in WI in June we bought some at Wal-Mart.  We used them at our annual weiner roast.

They taste the same as the others.  The only issue is they don’t get gooey all the way through unless you are very, very, very patient roasting them.  We usually put 2 small marshmallows on a smore, but with the big ones, you only need 1.  The big ones also have the potential to make a bigger mess. Yum!

How to save $32!

We dressed up on Friday as a herd of cows and went to Chick-fil-a, for eat more chicken day.  You had to be dressed from head to hoof in order to get a meal.   They gave each one of us a meal for free. 

Jemma is actually wearing a cow costume that I made for Will for Halloween one year.

Hot days and not so cool nights.

Yes, I survived my week at camp.  I saw very few spiders and I didn’t see any snakes.  I heard stories about 2 snakes.

One of the activities they had for the kids was a carnival.  They had potatoe sack races, hula hup contests, rope climbing, baseball hitting,  football throwing, bowling and much more.

They campers had  chores to do.  Such as cleaning up after meals, cleaning bathrooms, picking up trash and cleaning their cabins.

A popular activity is camper skit night.  Our cabin did a pillow people skit.  Stephanie Langley was my co-counselor and we brought pillowcases and markers with us to accomplish this.

During girls sports time in the afternoon, since it was so hot,they let the girls watch movies two afternoons.  One movie they watched was Elf.  Nothing like wishing for winter when it’s over 100 degrees out.  It was over 100 degrees every day we were there.

This was the cabin that Jemma was in.  It was right next to mine.  She had a great week and is looking forward to going back next year.  I’ll go back also.  I enjoyed my time there.

Here’s the group of  campers and staff that went to Camp JAM from Memorial Rd.

Did you know?

That Edmond has one of the 10 best Fourth of July celebrations in America according to USA Today and CNN.  If you’ve never been to the parade or fireworks, here is some pictures.

The Boy Scouts march and carry flags.  Will was carrying a flag but I missed getting his picture.  This might have been his last parade since he will probably be going to bible camp at the same time from now on.  Some how Justin managed to just march and not carry a flag.

The Boy Scouts also carry this huge flag unless there is a chance of rain.

There are local celebrities that attend church with us.

There is three local high school bands.

Atomically correct bull statues.


Horses. And of course fire works.