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Day #2 and TWO POSTS – Take that NaySayers

Is NaySayers even a word?  Well spell check did not pick it up so it works for me. 

The Arbuckle Male Gender TOP SECRET Project is still on track for completion.

Our self imposed dead line is Thursday Night
(which technically by some definitions could be considered to be Friday Morning.) 

But by any it will be done before Amy gets home and we pick her up at 9am or 10am
(leaving here at 630)

Wish us LUCK!  We really do not need it as we Male Gender Arbuckles work well under pressure!

One of the Male Gender of The 5 Arbuckle’s here!!!!

Ok we understand where the lack of confidence in our BLOGGING capabilities is coming from, but here’s post #1 on Day #1  so right back at you!!!!

This is Day #1 of the Male Gender TOP SECRET Project in the Arbuckle Household!

That’s all we can say! 

Except that all the prep is done
and we are primed and ready for Day #2!

Stay tuned for more updates of the total chaos and dissarray

all the way to THE FINAL REVEAL!!

(we are even taking pictures)


Off to the land of snakes

Yes, I’m leaving in a few minutes to go to Camp Jam, down at Pettijohn to be a counselor.  The boys just got back from there yesterday.  Bill will drive a bunch of kids including Jemma down tomorrow.

I’ve been told there is snakes at camp.  I hope I don’t see or hear any.  It could be problematic if this occurs.  The males in my family, including my  brother, have caused me to be terrified of snakes.

I’ve told the male gender in my family they could post something to this blog while I am gone.  Please don’t cancel any of your plans this week waiting for that to happen.

If you are a local reader and see the males in my family this week, please remember I’m gone if something looks a miss.

Another alter ego has appeared

This was the first time anyone asked Bill to help with VBS.  I think he said yes because he got to dress up.  He is teaching an application lesson to 4 & 5 year olds.  Quite a change from high school.  He is talking about changes, such as how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, and how you change when you become a Christian.

He is dressed up as a mad scientist, along with his helpers.

  The other benefit of working at VBS, is you get hair.

My Pioneer Woman moment

When we were in Wisconsin last week, we helped my dad and mom work calves.  All the calves got two vaccinations.  The boys were in charge of getting the calves from the pen down the runway to the chute.  Bill and I got them into the chute. 

 My dad would vaccinate them and my mom would keep the syringes full and hand them to my dad.  Jemma’s job was to right down the number that was on the calves ear tags.  I was supposed to give the vaccinations, but on the first calf  I bent the needle so I didn’t keep that job.

I did get a few pictures taken, but mostly I was mostly moving calves.  There was 54 calves that got vaccinated.

It was very noisy when we were working the calves.  The momma cows kept bawling for their babies.  The last picture is when they were reunited.

Mental notes for next summer

Schedule eye doctor appointments for rain days.  That way when the  Dr dilates your eyes you won’t be disappointed, our disappoint others, when you can’t go swimming because it’s toooooo bright.  The Dr graciously dilated my eyes with the stronger drops to super dilate my eyes.  Thank you Dr. Wright.

Hangers don’t do them justice

This is a few of the costumes I made for the ballet on the dancers, instead of on the hanger.

Autumn Blessings in the Summer

The ballet of Cinderella is different than the Disney version.  During the wedding the four seasons dance blessings for Prince Charming and Cinderella.  Jemma is an autumn blessing.

5,648 sequins later

Over the past two weeks I have done little else but sew.  Why you ask?  The ballet is Sat.  I barter my sewing skills for Jemma’s ballet lessons.  She has been taking lessons since she was four and I have yet to pay for any.  The ballet that is being performed is Cinderella.  Jemma takes lessons from Lisa Webb who owns Academy of Ballet and Theater Arts.  I hand sewed all the sequins on the skirt.  I made the top of this tutu, but the sequins on the top are an applique in one piece.

I hand sewed all the sequins on this skirt also.  The top I made, once again the butterfly was one piece.  I’ve also made 25 fur collars, 9 pairs of sleeve puffs, 4 men’s shirts, 6 vests, 1 pair of pants, altered 5 costumes, and several other things.

This top had a second skirt that went with it.  This skirt is a long skirt.  I sewed all the sequins on it too.  I’m still altering the top of this skirt.

I sewed the sequins on the red skirt on the way to Dallas and back for LTC. 

I’ve done very little cooking or cleaning the last two weeks.  Bill and the kids have really stepped up to help.  Bill and Will are gone this week on a mission trip to Wichita, KS.  The have been painting over graffiti.