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You never know what will come out of his mouth.

Sunday night at church Justin and 5 other Boy Scouts were awarded the Joyful Servant award.  This is an award that the churches of Christ have developed for Scouts.  Mr. Flowers presented the awards and as he got up to explain it, he commented that Dr. Bill would be giving the boys a test.  Justin says for all to hear “But I didn’t study”.

Bill helped the boys go through the Joyful Servant award.

Honors Night

Last week, Will was invited to participate in Honors night at his school.  He lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegience.

This was Will’s ackward moment for the night, the assistant principal giving him a hug.  She used to teach with Bill, so she thinks our boys are special.  She also gave every student a hug and said more to them than just congratulations.  I asked her later if she said the same thing to all the students.  She said she had something different to say to every one of them and she said what was on her heart.  She wanted each student to know how much she cared for each one of them.

P.S.  I got the computer to cooperate tonight.

Technology frustrations!

Since I haven’t posted in almost a week, I was going to post a few highlights from last week.  I don’t want anyone to think I’ve dropped off the face of the earth.  But for some reason I can’t get my pictures to upload to my blog. 

My tech guy has gone to bed for the night, so he’s no help!  Usually I’m in bed hours before he ever thinks about sleep.

Maybe I can get pictures up tomorrow.

Naked puppet family on their way to Africa

The elementary students at MRCC have adopted the Village of Hope, in Ghana, Africa.  They raise money through the year and do other things for them, such as make puppets.  At Christmas, they asked students to make bible visuals for the village.  You just had to go by the table and pick one up.  Some people were asked to make bible flash cards, but when I get up to the table with Jemma, they said, “Here is your project Amy”.  So Jemma has been reminding me we need to get these puppets done.  They are due April 1st.

Jemma cut all the body pieces out.  I sewed them together.  The first puppet took me forever, since I didn’t read the directions very good, because I thought I could figure it out from the pictures.  Serves me right since I didn’t read very good.  I will have Jemma help with sewing the clothes since they are not as hard.   We also need to get them some eyes and hair.  I will post another picture when they are clothed.

I was telling a friend at a quilt guild meeting about making the puppets and another woman came upon our conversation and started asking questions about taking a class to make them.  I thought that was funny, since I had such a hard time getting the first one together.  I don’t know if she wanted me to teach the class or she thought it would be fun to take a puppet making class.

Happy National Quilt Day-Go touch some fabric

I made this baby quilt and gave it so someone, I just don’t know who.  I have a scrapbook of quilts that I keep, I have the picture of this quilt, I just didn’t write down who received it.

I made this t-shirt quilt for a girl that I did some sewing for.  I used the t-shirt pocket logos as corner stone blocks. 

I think I made all the quilts in this post in 2004 or earlier.

This flower quilt was a block of the month quilt from Hancock Fabrics.  It’s hanging in my living room right now awaiting the arrival of spring.

 I taught the class on how to make this quilt.

This was another block of the month class I taught at Hancock fabrics.  I got hired to teach the quilt classes after a teacher didn’t show up to teach.  I worked at the Hancock Fabrics that was located at Britton Rd and Penn.  I think I taught for 3 or 4 years until the store closed.

What does 12 look like?

Happy 12th Birthday Justin!

Happy 12th Birthday, Justin!

Popsicles, guaze, and gatorade

This is Will’s diet this week after he had all four wisdom teeth pulled first thing this morning.  What a way to spend spring break!  He’s really recovering quite well.  This is the picture Bill sent me when Will was in recovery.

I’m perfect…

according to Justin.  During supper last night, we were talking about the boys going to scouts and I was going to my last Love and Logic parenting class.  He said he didn’t know why I was going because I was perfect.  What a sweet boy.

I took the class to add more tools to my parenting tool chest.  Karla Taylor from MRCC was the facilitator.  She is very good and not afraid to share the ups and downs she has encountered during parenting.  I’ve been to a Love and Logic class before, but it was good to review and pick up on things I didn’t the first time.

I’m blogging about this so I can remind Justin in the future when he forgets I’m perfect.   I also intend to remind him when he is a freshman in college, he said I can come and kiss him good night in his dorm room every night.  He just said to be there before his roommate gets back so it doesn’t embarrass his roommate.

Great time experiment…

Well, we are all up and running for the new early start time for school.  Bill has to be at school before 7:00, the boys don’t have to get up any earlier that before they had a lot extra time in the morning to watch a little TV.  I told them they aren’t getting up any earlier, they just don’t get to watch any TV.  Jemma is getting up 20 min. earlier, but she gets a raw deal.  I have to make up 50 min. every day compared to 40 for everyone else.  My principal said I can make it up before school starts, so instead of starting work at 8:15, I now start at 7:35.  Since Jemma goes to school with me, she has to leave as early as I do.  Oh well.

Conversation with Jemma about age…

Jemma-Mom are you 40.

Me-Well I think I am 41.

Jemma-You don’t know how old you are?  I’m nine.

Mom-Well when you get to be my age, sometimes it’s not worth remembering.

Jemma-You’re not old until your 70, that’s when you forget things.