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Unplug the easy way…

Our minister asked us to try to limit in some way our computer and TV use this week.  I’ve already started.  Our main computer crashed Thurs. night. 

Friday night Bill got our email up and running on the kids computer, which is great, but I can’t see any emails I have saved to reference later or email addresses.  Such as who’s shower I was supposed to do yesterday (there was only 4), or how to order more Girl Scout cookies.  I will call the Girl Scout people today and beg for forgiveness, I know I put one thing in wrong when I ordered.

I have access to my blog on my laptop, but the pictures are all on the main computer, except for a few pictures I have added to blogs I haven’t posted yet.

Hopefully we will know by tomorrow, what is wrong with the main computer.  Of course some of you may not ever read this if you are listening to our minister.  Have a great day.

How to scare your dog?

Help make the following costume.

Of course fake fur makes your house look like this.

Math problem = Good Marriage.

Last Friday Bill went to Tulsa for a Math conference.  On Sunday he and I were talking about his need to take his allergy medicine year round.  I have suggested several times he needed to do this then he wouldn’t feel so bad at different times during the year.  He said he finally came to this conclusion after he had been to this conference and heard a presentation on how effective medicince is when taken properly.  I won’t bore you with the math equations he told me about.

A light bulb went on in my head, after 19 1/2 years of marriage, I finally know how to talk to my husband so he will remember what I say.  I have to talk to him in a math problem or theorem then he will remember.  If only I had figured this out years ago.  Now I need my higher level math skills to kick in.  The problem is math was never a strong subject for me.

Trash + dumpster = happy wife

Child + activity = pick child up

Fighting over the baby

We got to have a play date with my niece Samantha on Sat.

Jemma did a good job of taking care of Samantha.  She is 6 weeks old.  Jemma fed her, held her and changed her diaper.

Justin helped take care of Samantha also.  He fed her, held her and threw away the dirty diaper.  He wouldn’t attempt to change it.  After watching me change a poopy diaper, Justin said it would be a while before he could eat peanut butter again. I didn’t bother to ask him why?  If Samantha was fussing while Justin was holding her, he said he must not be very good at the baby thing.

Will didn’t hold her, but he did sit by her some, but as soon as she fussed he would try to get someone to get her.

UFO’s during the snow storms

Obviously this project has been sitting around for quite a while.  I had Will and Jemma’s frame but together, but I couldn’t find enough pictures for Justin.  Poor middle child problem, no pictures.  Last fall I was looking for something and ran across more pictures of Justin.  So during one of our snow days, Bill helped me put it together and get them on the wall.

I also got this t-shirt quilt finished for my assistant principal’s son for his birthday.  Yeah, for making money during snow storms besides shoveling snow.

What will I be when I grow up?

This is the conversation Justin had with Will the other night about what he will be when he grows up.

1. Soccer star

2. American Picker (It’s a show on the history channel, where 2 guys go around, buy antiques and sell them to others.)

3. Pawn shop Owner

4. Work at McDonalds’s

Will said no one can fail working at McDonalds unless they are accident prone.

Happy Valentines Day

Jemma and I used Pioneer Woman’s Strawberry Shortcake Cake to make these little Valentine treats.  I have a pan that will make 5 hearts at the same time.  I used my large cookie scoop to fill the hearts.  Using the scoop worked really nice and didn’t make a mess.  I keep discovering more and more uses for my large and small cookie scoop.  I use them to make muffins, sausage balls, and cookies of course.  If you don’t have one and do a lot of cooking or baking, you should invest in one.  You’d probably use them a lot.

Mom, your new cookie scoop was delivered yesterday.

Snow Day #469 or just #8

I can’t remember at this point.  I just hope they let me off for half a day for the 4th of July parade.

Getting ready to go sledding.  This picture was actually taken last week, but it could have happened this week, since it all looks the same.

Justin sledding with friends.

Jemma sledding with friends.

Ok, I’m not sure I like my new look.  I can’t get things where I want them to be.

Another Snow Day and Dreams

After getting the call at 10:00 pm last night, from Randy, that there would be no school today, I blissfully anticipated sleeping in.  That was short lived.

I woke up early after having a bad dream about work.  It’s depressing to think that I was dreaming about work when I didn’t have to work today.  I dreamt that all day long someone kept taking things off my desk.  My computer, phone, pictures, hand sanitizer, 3 different organizer things that hold important info at my finger tips, even my stapler and tape.  My principal wasn’t concerned at all since she was getting her office remodeled.

Anyone want to analyze that dream?  Ha, Ha.

I’m not afraid to admit…

I am a Green Bay Packers fan.  I know the first step to getting help is admitting you have a problem.  I grew up watching them in the late 70’s and early 80’s when they were lucky if they won 2 or 3 games.  I didn’t host a party or go to a party because of what “Our Harmonious House” posted in her blog this morning. 

I hollered and yelled, Jemma told me, “Mom they can’t hear you”.   My throat still hurts this morning.  She had to ask me this morning who won.  I guess she managed to fall asleep with all my yelling.

It’s interesting how Elf, Bill and Aaron Rogers all look alike.