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A tale of a near kitchen disaster, guest blogger

hi it’s Jemma and i am telling you a story .

it all started today when my family was making diner

we made pancakes and eggs .   There was alot of smoke and the fire alarm went off !

Will walked over and opened it up  and went back to the computer,

  again and again he did the same thing .  Finally he blew on it and Justin helped .

They got the duster and flung it all around.  It was funny and I even got these photos,

and that is the END


Jemma arbuckle p.s. “i will be back”

One phrase I thought I would never hear at my house

Mom, I’m not hungry, I don’t want to eat supper.  That boy was running a fever with in 2 hours.

Latest Bling and Hardware

Justin got his braces put back on today.

It’s hard to tell, but he has a metal piece that contects the top to the bottom.  When he smiles, his smile goes straight across because of what’s in his mouth.  I have no idea how long he will be looking like this?

Oreo + Brownies = Yum

These are Brownie dipped Oreo Cookies.  You make your favorite brownie mix following the box directions.  Then you dip an oreo cookie into the batter and put in a muffin tin.  I poured a little more brownie mix on top of each brownie.  Bake them as directed on the box, but keep an eye on them.  I also baked mine in muffin cups.  After they are done drizzle with chocolate.

Ruffles are in

I made this apron for Jemma.  She had an apron, but it was getting small.  She saw on similar to the one I made at a craft show last fall.  That’s what gave me the idea to add the ruffles.  I used her old apron made it bigger and added ruffles.  She insisted I add a “J” to her apron also.  It’s a little big on her, but I figure she’ll grow.

You aught to be in pictures.

At least in a frame.  

Every year I make birthday gifts for Jemma’s friends.  They now expect it.  By the time the last friend has her party, she already knows what she is getting.

I found the directions to making this frame with ribbon on  Dec. 17, 2010 post.  I didn’t make it exactly like the directions from lemontreecreations.

You need cut pieces of ribbon 3″ long.  I glued them on top of the frame, they glued them around the edge of the frame.  They didn’t say how to finish off the back of the frame so you didn’t see the raw edges, so that’s why I didn’t do it that way.  If you glue them to the top you just have to cover one side.   I used craft glue, they used hot glue.  I didn’t put a bow in one corner of the frame, because I forgot.  I also forgot that they put looped ribbon on all four corners, I wish I had remembered that.  I can make improvements on the next one I make.

I spy a vertical log…

a tree.

This is one the tree stumps that was left over from when we cut the trees down at the maternity home in Sept. when my parents were here.  When my parents were here when my niece was born, this is what my dad did. 

He’d been planning on carving one of the stumps since Sept.

Bill and Will helped him clear away some of the brush and larger logs that were left over from last fall.

This is the first stump he has done.  Maybe this will be his next career after he sells the cows and farm.

Thinking ahead for Valentine’s Day.

I know Valentine’s Day is one month away, but this idea could be used for several holidays. 

White chocolate covered pretzels.  Just buy the fat pretzels and dip in white chocolate and then sprinkle with colored sugars.   Jemma helped me make them and really enjoyed doing it.

I received a jar similar to this at Halloween.  The pretzels had orange, green, and black sprinkles on them.

You could use red and pink sprinkles for Valentines Day.

What would a dog want for Christmas…

a new fence!  So they won’t have to see the neighbor’s grand dogs when they come to visit.

My new favorite tool

It’s a bias tape maker.  I’ve had if for a couple of years and I finally used it this year.  You take strips of fabric, run it through the bias tape maker and use your iron to press the fabric.

The strips of fabric will have a finished edge and can be sewn on anything.  This one made strips 1″ wide.  I think I might get one that makes bigger strips.

Do you have a favorite tool for your hobby?