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Breakfast in Bed

Saturday was my birthday, so Jemma told me to stay in bed and not get up.

She and Will brought me breakfast in bed along with the roses.  This is what breakfast in bed looked like.  It was very good.  I’ve never had breakfast in bed before.  Bill told me I’ve never had breakfast in bed before, because I’m usually the first one up.

A scary view.

This is the view from the pulpit at church.  This picture only represents 1/3 of the auditorium.  So add the same picture to the left and right and add about 1000 people and that is what it looked like when Justin gave his first sermon.  I didn’t think to ask him if he thought it would be his last.  I hope not, he did very good.

The 6th graders at church participate in the Timothy and Tabitha classes on Wed. in the fall.  They learn about personal bible studies, the different parts of worship and then lead the worship service.  The girls did their’s Wednesday night for the ladies of the congregation.

Here’s Mrs. McBride, she has taught the preschool bible class at church for many, many years, congratulating Kody, Justin and Jarrett.

Bill has led the Timothy class for the past 3 years.

Here’s Will posing with Mrs. McBride.

Sappy mom moment I want to remember.

This morning as Justin was eating breakfast, I hollered up a Jemma to make sure she was getting up.  Justin says to me “I liked it better when you came upstairs and woke me up.”  I asked why and he said “Because you’re the first thing I see in the morning.”

Sweet boy even at 11 years old.

How to raise $13,000

Get a bunch of teachers to volunteer to shave their heads if people donate enough money.

Sorry the pictures are sideways.  I can’t figure it out.

The girls basketball team at Edmond North High held this fundraiser for a female student that attends North who is fighting her second round of cancer.  There was  about 10 faculty members that shaved their heads including 2 women.  Bill usually shaves his for Halloween, but since he wore a wig this year he saved his hair for this event.

The girl shaving his head is a member of the basketball team, and was in charge of raising enough money to ensure that Bill got his head shaved.

After he got his head shaved we went around the front of the school to take a picture of the sign his UCO students told him about.

The Napping Quilt

I’m not a huge fan of  cold weather, having grown up in WI, you might think I love it.  A couple weeks of cold and then I’m done.

I have really enjoyed the colors of the trees this fall.  They seem more vivid to me this year. 

The other thing I like about cold weather is taking a rare Sunday afternoon nap under this quilt.  I bought it at the Affair of the Heart last fall from an antique vendor.  She said her aunt had made it.  It is machine pieced and hand quilted.  It is really warm, so I’ve often wondered what kind of batting is in the quilt.

Boys Night Out.

A couple of weeks ago, Will participated in a concert called Boys Night Out.  All the middle school choir students come together and sing with one of the high school men’s chorus.  That many boys sound great.

The director’s goal of this night is to encourage boys to continue to sing even after they are done with school.  He brings in different singing groups of adults to encourage the boys.  This year he brought in a barber shop quartet that had the boys giving them a standing ovation.  Last year was the Mens Glee Club from OU.  They were also inspiring because the group has such a long history.

Blast from the Past

We don’t always go to Homecoming at OC, but this year we did because we had friends that came from Houston.

Friday night we went to Chickasha to see them since they stayed with other friends we have known for a long time.  We didn’t get home until 12:30 am.  Late night.

Sat. we enjoyed the free lunch and the younger kids enjoyed the inflatables and hanging out.

This is Jemma, Keirra and Ciana.

Sat. night a bunch of us got together at a restaraunt to visit, eat and look at scrapbooks and yearbooks from college.  I didn’t think I had changed much since college, but scrapbooks and yearbooks said otherwise.

This is Heather and Tandy.  I’ve know Heather since I was 13.  That was her first year at bible camp at Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp and we’ve been friends ever since. After she got married she lived in Dayton, OH.  We would stop and stay with her and her husband when we visited Bill’s parents.  She’s lived in Chickasha since Aug.  We hope to see her family more.  Tandy I’ve known since college. She lives in Austin.

Rhonda, me and Sarah.  I was suite mates one year and lived in the same apartment as Rhonda one semester.  She now lives in Houston, but has been to Brazil twice.   I think it has been 12 years since I have seen her. Sarah was a room mate one semester.  She lives here in Edmond, so I run into her ever once in a while.

Carla, Jodi, Devonne, and Jadyn.  Carla, I’ve known since college, she live in Muskogee.  Jodi was my freshman roommate, but we go back to camp in WI.  She lives in Piedmont, we see each other every once in a while.  Devonne and Jadyn, live 2 streets over from us and we get together a lot.  All these lovely ladies and I were in the same club when we were in college.

Sometimes you also run into family at Homecoming.  This is David and Linda Gregersen.  Linda is my dad’s first cousin.  They have been in Zambia, Africa for 5 years as missionaries. They just got back in April.  They had a tight schedule, so they stopped by our house for about 15 min.  It was good to see them.  One of the reason’s I started quilting is because of Linda’s mom, Ruth McClurg.

End of Season and Comparison

The end of the football season was about 2 weeks ago.  Will let me take this picture after his last game.

This is our picture together from last year.

This is Bill and Will this year.

I also discovered this season that Bill doesn’t sit down during football games or soccer games.  He paces.  He moves from one end of the field to the other.  He may run into obstacles that will prevent him from pacing.  This may cause a heart attack.

I got to dress up too!

Our school had a vocabulary  parade.  The students choose a word then dress up like it.  Jemma went as Heartfelt.  We pinned a piece of felt on the front of her shirt and the back of her shirt that said Heartfelt.  Towards the end of the day the students paraded through the halls to see all the words.  Some students were very creative.

I went as Befriend.

All the office staff dressed up as Bee’s plus a few others.  Our Principal was the Queen Bee, our assistant Principal was Behavior, others were Bewildered, Bedazzled, Beloved, Believe  and Bewitched.  Our office was the Beehive and we decorated for the occasion.  We wore signs that said our word and the meaning. 

Here’s Buddy the Elf with Kathleen.  We trick or treat at her house every year.  Buddy said she was so pretty she should be on a Christmas card.

He also told her there was time to get on the nice list.  Justin decided to be a Bee that night.

On our way home from Kathleen’s we pulled up next to a car that had one of Bill’s students in it.  He was smoking.  Bill rolled the window down and told the student that he was on the naughty list and kept nagging the kid to put the cigarette out.  He told his female passenger that she would soon stink and be on the naughty list if she hung around him and started smoking.  The student finally got rid of the cigarette.