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He’s wearing tights.

He’s wearing the required uniform.


Meet Buddy the Elf!

Bill originally ordered his costume from ebay.  The color was horrible, split pea soup and the fit was bad.  The wig and tights were from the original costume.  I ended up making the jacket and the hat.

The Big Halloween Reveal…

Halloween seems like it has become a week long celebration.  The first event is the Fall Carnival at church.  Jemma is a ballerina.  This is the first year I haven’t made her costume, we borrowed it from a friend.  Her friends are Cindy Lou-Hoo from the movie “The Grinch.”  Her other friend is Thing One from another Dr. Seuss character.

I know you think that Justin is going as a cowboy for Halloween, but he is actually going as Chuck Norris.  He is infatuated with Chuck Norris.  I don’t know why.  He’s always telling jokes about him or little stories.  Justin’s friend is going as Pig Pen the Peanuts character.

Stay tuned, I will post pictures of Bill on Friday morning.  I’m still working on his costume.  Jemma thinks he’s going as Santa Claus and the boys think he is going as a snowman.  Their only clues are the mess some of the fabric made on the floor in our bedroom as I cut the fabric out.

Check the Halloween tab if you need a refresher on the costumes Bill has previously worn.

Reason #69 for having younger siblings

They help carry your football gear back to school.

What’s behind your washer and dryer?

My washer started making a funny noise yesterday.  It wasn’t quite finished so I decided to look behind it.  I got a chair climbed up on the washer and looked.  Besides dust and dirt, there was a pair of shorts, an empty bottle of tub and tile cleaner, one pair of socks, and one lone sock.

The socks are still behind there because my arm is not long enough to retrive them and I haven’t devised a plan to get them. The dust and dirt hasn’t been removed either.

The washer isn’t making funny noises anymore.  Yeah!

Hardware for teacher of the year.

This is the award that Bill got for being teacher of the year at North.  He was pretty overwhelmed by the whole thing.  There are about 130 teachers at North alone that voted on this award.  I decided that who ever ordered this trophy that stands about 12″ tall, knows him because they add “Dr. Bill” to the front.  The animal on the top is a husky, that is the mascot at his school.  It is a replica of the life size on that is in the front lobby of his school.

The next step is a 10 min. video of him teaching, which has to be turned into the district by Dec. 1st.  He actually did some video taping in his class last year to complete his National Board Certification.  I don’t know if he will use new video or use something from last year.  We will know whether he passed the National Board’s about Dec. 1st.

Bill went to a district meeting about Teacher of the year yesterday.  After visiting with a few he knew, it doesn’t sound like any of the other teachers got a trophie from their schools.  Bill feels very honored with his trophy.

Flavor of Fall-Pumpkin

This is my recipe for pumpkin bread.  It makes 3 loaves at a time and OK Chick told me to post it so she could get the recipe.

3 cups sugar

1 cup salad oil

4 eggs

2 t. vanilla

3 1/2 cups flour

2 t. soda

2-3 t. salt

1 t. baking powder

1 t. cinnamon

2 t. pumpkin pie spice

2/3 cup water

2 cups pumpkin

-Combine sugar and oil in a large bowl.  Add eggs one at a time, beating after each addition.  Add vanilla.

-Sift dry ingredients together.  Set aside.

-Add dry ingredients alternately with water.  Add pumpkin.

-Pour in to 3 well-greased and floured 9x5x3″ loaf pans.

-Bake in preheated 325 degree oven for 1 hour, or until tests done.

-Remove from pans when barely warm.


-18 min. for muffins

-Makes 8, mini loafs.  Bake for 35 min.

-Add 2 cups cranberries and 1/2 t. almond extract.

-Serve with your favorite cream cheese frosting, which the original recipe calls for, but I have never done. 

-Make cream cheese filling and layer in the batter before baking.

2(3oz) cream cheese, softened

1/3 cup sugar

1 egg

1 T. flour

Beat together cream cheese, sugar, and flour.  Add egg and mix well.


I’m being terrorized.

Last night when I went to bed, 2 hours later than my normal bed time, I found a beanie baby snake under my pillow.  This snake has shown up there frequently in the last 3 years.

I hate snakes.

A couple of weeks ago, when we cut down the trees at the maternity home, while we were taking a lunch break, this showed up next to me.

The boys found this rubber snake while we were working.  Needless to say I jumped up and screamed.  They laughed histerically. 

I hate snakes.  This is all my brother’s fault.  When we were teenagers and the hay baler broke down one time, he found a snake and chased me around with it.  He has no recollection of this memory.  I can’t even watch TV or a movie that has a snake in it without putting my feet up or leaving the room.  The snake house at the OKC Zoo would send me into cardiac arrest.  I’m sitting here shivering just thinking about it.

You gotta love boys.

Teacher of the Year

Bill was selected as Edmond North Teacher of the Year for 2010 this morning.  I am so proud of him.  He is a great teacher.  He loves his students and wants them to love math.  He tries to relate math to each student by figuring out what interests them and then applying math to it.

Jemma’s first question for her dad was “Did you win a million bucks?”  We wish.

Reason for bling

The reason Jemma wanted her shirt blinged was because she and several members of her class said the Pledge of Allegiance and a reading about Constitution day at the Edmond Public School Board meeting Monday night.

They were supposed to wear some type of school shirt.   The lady in the back is the vice president of the school board.  We go trick or treating at her house every year, if you remember that post.

Dr. Goin, our Superintendent, is in the middle in the back.  He is an elder at our church.

Jemma actually led the audience in the pledge.  They all did a very good job.


I enjoy doing crafts, but I have to admit that I like some crafts more than others.  I like using fabric.  Well this weekend I tried fabric, glue and crystals.

This is the result.  I did Jemma’s shirt and my school shirt.  I glued crystals on the points, corner of the points and 6 on the guitar about where the strings connect.  She has been wanting hers done.  It was more challenging than I thought it would be.  Crystals were small, E6000 glue is sticky and stringy like hot glue, but will hopefully withstand washing.  Jemma was going to try to help but after she watched me struggle, she decided to let me do it all.