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My parents were here from WI for Labor Day.  The kids had their Wii bowling tournament with my dad.  They also went to Jemma’s open house at school and learned all about Smartboards.  They missed Will’s first football game because it stormed.

The other big project we did was cut down three large trees (large by OK standards) at Christian Services of OK, maternity home.  I forgot to take pictures of the trees before my dad cut them down.  He brought his medium size chainsaw from home and wished he had brought his large one.

The boys had fun after the first tree fell when they could start hauling branches.

Will was able to help even with his left hand in a cast.

Jemma helped also.

Here’s Bill and my mom stacking brush.

This is what one of the trees looked like when we were done.

It took us about 4 hours to cut and stack the brush.  We did have a lunch break in there too.  The only problem was that my dad thought we should start a bonfire and burn the brush.  I had to remind him a couple times that we were in the city and had to play by city rules and you can’t have a fire without a permit.  Anytime we cut a tree down on the farm we have a bonfire.  There was one more tree that will need to be cut down, unless it got cut down on Sat. during Day in the City.  If it didn’t get cut down, my dad will cut it down in Jan.  when he and my mom are here when my younger sister and her husband have their first baby.

I didn’t even break a sweat!

Yesterday was our church’s Day in the City, where we go into the community, clean up, paint or build to share God’s love.  Our class went to Norman to work at Camp Rock Creek.  MRCC has a camp session there in the summer, retreats, and BK for the 6th grade there.

Bill helped build this pavilion.

Jemma helped clean up flower beds, paint

and test mattresses.

Will helped clean flower beds, pick up trash, be a handyman to his dad, and entertain a 4 year old.

I got to use my talent and make curtains.

Along with 3 other women, we made a set of curtains for 10 windows.  There was actually 14 windows in the dining hall, but we ran out of fabric.  The person in charge only remembered 10 windows.

We used red and white gingham fabric.  It was fun making them.  Bill told me it wasn’t Day in the City if I wasn’t sweating or had sore muscles after I was done.  It was air conditioned in the dining hall.

Summer project #5, 6, & 7

This is another quilt I finished this summer.  I started this quilt about 2 years ago.  I collected and cut out the flip flops, purchased the border and sashing fabrics, then I got busy and put it aside.

I’m not sure why my picture didn’t rotate!  To finish this quilt I am looking for novelty buttons to add to the flipflops.

This is a baby quilt for Levi.  He lives in Alaska.  I made this quilt from start to finish in August.  I had all the fabric on hand for this quilt.  That was very exciting for me, because that means I have a stash.  In quilt terms that means I have enough fabric to make a quilt without going and buying anything.  It takes awhile to accumulate a stash.  Some of the fabrics in this quilt were leftover from things I have made my boys such as; pj’s, pillowcases, shorts, curtains, and costumes.  Some of the other fabrics I had bought in hopes of making those things for my boys, but they out grew it.  I bought this quilt pattern in Woodward when I went camping with the Boy Scouts in May.

I bought the border fabric of this quilt because it had brown cows on it.  You see lots of black cows, but very few brown cows.  Now that the quilt is done, you don’t see the brown cows like I was hoping.  The blocks of this quilt were made over the course of a year through a quilt group at church.  We used a method called Thangles to make the half-square triangles.  I think it was at least 3 years ago.  I pieced it together last year and quilted it this summer.  The fabric was all bought at a quilt store in Perkins, OK probably about 4 years ago on a shop hop.

Flying Monkeys

Justin’s soccer season started on Sat.  His team changed leagues and moved up a level.  Their name is the Flying Monkeys.  I’m not a fan of the flying monkeys from the Wizard of OZ, in fact they kind of scare me.  Anyway, I have to like these Flying Monkeys.

The team they played on Sat. were about 2 years older than Justin and have been playing together for 2 years.

He played defender the first half of the game.

He played goalie the second half of the game.

Unfortunately his team lost 7-1.  It was very warm that morning.  As it turns out his last game is Dec. 4th.  Yes, I typed Dec. 4th.  I decided I needed to enjoy the warmth because I’m sure I will miss it in Dec.

Bare Naked Ladies

This is the slang term for this lily that grows in my backyard flower bed.  The reason it is called this is because it doesn’t have any leaves.   The ladies in my quilt group told me the slang term for this flower. 

I took this picture on July 22nd, when everything else is struggling with the hot summer, God gave this flower the ability to thrive.  Do we take advantage of the abilities God gives us to thrive in any situation?

Dads and Donuts


Last week was Dads and Donuts at our school.  Bill kept bothering the secretary at school to let him in early, he said something about having a meeting.  They had a donut in the Media Center and then went to her classroom to read a book and visit with her teacher.  I am thankful for the teacher that covered Bill’s class for a few minutes so he could go with Jemma.

The Boys of Fall

Will’s team got to play football tonight.  It was an away game in Putnam City.

He played really well considering he just got clearance last Thurs. to play.  They didn’t have practice on Friday, no practice on Mon., practice on Tues., and a short practice on yesterday.

It was helpful to keep up with him, with his cast on.

He had one sack for the night, and almost recovered a fumble.  His teammate got the fumble instead.

His team won 39-14.  The other team scored their 14 points on their first 2 posessions.  Will fell on his left shoulder and is going to have quite a bruise tomorrow.


I got a letter in the mail today from Kohl’s.  No, they didn’t send me a discount, they sent me a letter telling me the crock pot I bought last November was being recalled.  So, I called the 1-800 number and waited on hold for 6 min and 45 sec. for them to tell me to go to the website that was on the letter and download, and fill out the form.  Why didn’t go to the website first?

I filled out the form, pulled the sticker off the botttom of pot, cut the cord at the base of the crockpot and then went to look for the original cash register receipt.  I put my receipts in a pocket of a calendar for every month.  I bought the crockpot on black Friday, I didn’t find the receipt in the November envelope, so I thought I might have put it in the Dec. envelope.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the  Dec. envelope.  I found all the envelopes for the rest of the year and the previous year, but not Dec.  I did find the bill from Kohl’s, so I was able to at least give them the info they asked for even if I don’t have the original receipt.

My next question is, how long can I live without a crockpot?  I use it at least once a week.  I don’t want to buy a new one until I know how much they are going to reimburse for the one they recalled.  I’m afraid they might not pay me, because I couldn’t find my receipt.

What kitchen appliance or tool can you not live without?


This is Will’s playing cast.  The doctor approved him to play football Thurs. night, but no one consulted with Mother Nature and she poured rain so the game was canceled.

There is an ace bandage on the outside of a hard cast that he can take off.  He is supposed to take it off for showers and for a couple of hours everyday to work on range of motion.  When he plays football, it has to be covered.  I didn’t get to the game before it was canceled to see it wrapped to take a picture, because of open house at school.

The doctor said his hand is healing like it is supposed to, but he shouldn’t be looking for a job as a hand model.

She’s a girl alright!

That would be Jemma.  After having two boys that don’t really care what they wear (one wouldn’t care if he went naked) and now a girl that is starting to have an opinion about what she wears, I’m in new and uncharted waters.

Last week Jemma came downstairs fully dressed for school, then decided her shoes didn’t match her outfit.  She went and changed her clothes.  I had tried to encourage her that she looked just fine, but she wouldn’t hear it from me.

Today’s issue was that she couldn’t find one of her shoes she wanted to wear.  She went upstairs, came back down and declared that none of her other shoes looked right with her outfit.  It is PE today, so she has to be careful what she wears.  She finally found her other shoe so she could wear the pair she wanted.

These have been minor problems, with no major melt downs, but I’m afraid that is coming sometime soon.