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What neglect looks like!

Yes, I the camera have been neglected.  This is what I have been looking at for about the last 3 weeks.

I think I took 3 pictures the first day of school, but I have sat since then unused and the week before school started.  This is the view I see after the pictures are down loaded to the computer. 

I would take a picture of myself just sitting there but obviously I can’t do that.

I miss taking pictures of the family, etc.  Maybe I’m just a big fan of summer.   Please pick me up and use me!

Looks of summer.

Thanks Robin!

Camp and friends.

Ice cream trucks.  I didn’t even know they were out buying ice cream at first.

Learning to ride.

Go Redhawks!

Finished projects #1,2,3 & 4

I always set goals for myself to get things accomplished over the summer or other times during the year.  This summer I set a goal of finishing 3 quilts. 

Mystery Quilt-I pieced this quilt top a couple of years ago for a small group I am part of.  They gave a directions little by little until it was done.  That’s the mystery part.  This is the first mystery quilt I have ever made.

Baby Quilt-This quilt was made for baby Seth who was born in Wichita on Sunday.  Since they weren’t sharing the name, I wasn’t allowed to show pictures of this quilt.  The family didn’t tell me the name just the initial and they were wavering between two “S” names.

This quilt was a challenge from a few years ago.   I pieced the top a few years ago also.  Our small group used the blue floral fabric to make whatever pattern they wanted to.  I think this was the first challenge quilt I’ve ever done.

This was a pillow sham for a full bed.  I took off the sham part and put binding on it, to make it a table runner.  I found this quilt at Bill’s moms house after she passed away.  It also had a matching full size quilt that someone had to go with the shams.  They had sewn a dust ruffle on to it, so I took the dust ruffle off.

I still have projects 5 & 6 to take pictures of.

Everyone else blogged about it

That would be the first day of school.

Will, being in 8th grade this year didn’t want his picture taken.  He said “Auh mom!”  Justin didn’t say anything being his first day going to middle school.  Jemma was thrilled to pose.

Will and Justin are walking to school with 2 other boys, Jarrett and Casey.  They are both in 6th grade with Justin.  I didn’t panic to much this year with another one starting middle school.  I did get a little teary eyed after I took this picture, then Jemma started making fun of me so I got it together and went to work that was very distracting since the first hour was chaos.  I did get to leave my desk to eat my lunch this year on the first day of school and I don’t think I got to do that last year.

Jemma enjoyed posing for her first day of school picture in front of the school sign.

I worked 50 hours last week and this week I worked about 57 hours.  My normal week is supposed to be 37.5 hours,  Yikes!

Put me in cold, I’m ready to play

Well, at least he can go to practice and do everything except contact.  His next appointment is Sept. 2nd at 4:30 pm.  The doctor said if all goes well he will put him in a playing cast that day.   The first game is Sept. 2nd, B team plays at 6:00 pm and A team plays at 7:30 pm.  Last year he played on the A team the whole time.  We’ll see what happens.

Happy 19th

Today is my 19th wedding anniversary.  I can’t believe I have been married that long.  The real problem is I can’t believe I’m old enough to be married that long.  I am in complete denial of what my drivers license says.

Happy Anniversary honey!  I hope you have a great day.  Hopefully I’ll be done working by 7:30 tonight.

Avoid Saturday morning medical places

Then you don’t have to find things like this:

On kids like this:

Then you won’t have to go see an orthopedic doctor this week before school starts on Thurs.

He broke it in two places during a tackling drill at football practice last night.

Itchy, scratchy corn

One of the things the boys and I have done the last couple of summers for my folks is clean out the corn bin.   This was not the yuckiest job we did for them this summer.  The boys and I also cleaned out a silo that had molded oats in it.  We wore masks that people use when painting, etc to keep the dust and mold out of our lungs.

Bill gets out of doing this because he is allergic to the corn dust. 

The boys and I shovel the corn to the auger inside that pushes it to the outside auger.  Once we can’t use the auger anymore we have to shovel the corn.

Justin decided to lay in it. I don’t think he understands how much it itches.

Here’s the corn getting dumped in the outside auger.

This is the outside auger dumping the corn in the trailer that my dad uses to haul corn to town to sell.

Since Bill couldn’t help with this activity, he was my mom’s handman.  He finished up the electical, tile and hanging towel bars and shower curtains in my parents second bathroom they had remodeled right before we got there.

First you flame the mallo

One of the things we do every summer when we go home to the farm, is to go to the woods for a weiner roast.

Getting the firewood.

Cooking the dogs.

Enjoying the food.

Flaming the mallo.

After we got to our picnic spot, we realized we forgot something, so Mimi and Jemma had to ride the 4-wheeler and go get it.  Jemma loves to ride the 4-wheeler.

They’re in trouble

I’m not actually talking about my kids, but they do get in their fair share of trouble.  I’m talking about the 2 calves that kept getting out at my parents house when we were home.

My mom saw them out her kitchen window and told me they were out.  I volunteered to get them back in but I took their picture first.

They were out several times while I was home.  They were still small enough to go under the electric fence.

One of the calves was having attatchment issues with his mother.  She would frequently kick her calf.  I guess we should have turned her into the DAS (Department of Animal Services) for abusing her calf.  I’m sure the calf will need lots of therapy when he is older.  The other calf was just a follower.  He’ll have his own set of issues as he grows up.