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I did a crazy thing last night.

I went to see the Twi-light trilogy with 2 friends.  The first movie started at 7:15pm.  We fortified ourselves with popcorn, diet coke and chocolate.  The second movie started around 9:45pm. After the second movie we were all complaining about either our hips, back or knees hurting.  Sitting that long is not for the weak.  After a little technical difficulty the third movie started at 12:30am, which translates into getting home and going to bed at 3:00 am.  I intended to sleep in this morning, but Pablo our little dog decided to start throwing up at 8:10 am.  Yuck!

I’m not a huge fan of vampires and werewolves but I wanted a girls night out and to say I saw a movie on opening day at 12:00 am.  I guess it’s kind of a bucket list thing and to remind myself that 40 is not to old to stay out late and watch a movie, during the summer anyway.  It was definitely fun seeing it with my girlfriends.

The only thing I can say about the movie is, that I am a Jacob fan not an Edward fan.  I think I tend to go for the under dog. 

 I will try to read the books someday, everyone says the books are better than the movie.

A different look to VBS

Having taught a center for VBS for 10 years I thought I should do something different for VBS.  The 6th graders have traditionally been helpers, this year it was decided that they were too young.  So that left them with nothing to do during VBS.  With many parents still helping and some maybe not planning on helping since they didn’t know what to do with their 6th grader, my friend Devonne came up with the idea of having a work camp for 6th graders during VBS.  I decided I would help her out and chaperone the 6th graders.

The first day we went Tealridge, a retirement community within walking distance of the church.  The 6th graders cleaned up garbage outside, pulled weeds in flower beds, washed windows, cleaned up furniture, and did a few jobs inside that I didn’t see.  The dirt in the flower bed was very hard a week after we had the 10″ of rain.

On Wed. we went to our regional food bank down by the airport.  This is a very nice facility to volunteer at, it’s clean and well organized.  The kids spent 1 1/2 hours boxing food and stacking those boxes that weighed 26 pounds.  I wish I had taken my camera that day, since it was a neat thing to see 20 kids working esembly line fashion filling these boxes then taping them shut and stacking them.  We had 25 kids that went.  The other 5 were opening small pallets of food for the assembly line.  We also got a tour of the facility.  The freezer is 6000 square  feet and  is  -10 degrees.  It felt good for a 2 sec. 

Thurs. we went to the Christian Service Center.  This facility gives out food from the food bank, clothes and household items, it is sponsored by Oakcrest church of Christ.  The kids sorted books, that’s what Justin is doing below, yard work, and sorting clothes.

These boys are counting and sacking items after someone picks them out.

The kids did a real good job and worked hard all three days.  On Friday, we took them to  a neighborhood pool for a reward for working so hard.  I’m sure the work they did blessed many people.

Jemma’s commercial

First position.



Parent visitation week at ballet, priceless.

I’m amazed at how much she has improved this year.

Down one kid

Will is gone to bible camp this week,  Jemma has VBS, and Justin is going to do some work projects with other 6th graders during VBS, since they are to old to participate.  Next week we will be down 2 kids.  Bill said at least the one that can work the best will be home.  I wonder what Bill has in mind for Will to do.

Bill took the boys last Friday to help out flood victims.  They helped remove sheet rock, clean up the trash on the street, and helped take a shed down.  If you would like to see pictures of the clean up check out the WaWaWaugh’s blog on the right.  Bill and the boys are not in the pictures, but helped in this neighborhood.

I love going to the Bricktown Ballpark and watching the Redhawks play ball.  We had free tickets for the 10th of June.

I have to admit that I don’t like to sit in the outfield.  I can’t watch the game, I watch everything else.  I’m not sure if it’s ADD or ADHD.

The Big and the little

This is our Will and his name sake that lives in Wichita.  We stopped to see them on the way home from KC.

Will is taller than Ben, but not that much. He’s very proud of that accomplishment.  Ben has known our Will since he was 15 months old.  After telling Ben that he felt really old.  Ben was crouching down a little to make sure that Will on his shoulders was in the picture.

We’re not in Kansas anymore

Bill’s cousin got married last weekend, and we went to Kansas City for it.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza downtown KC.  The reception was on the top floor of the hotel.  It rained all Sat. morning so we didn’t really do anything.

We got to swim twice.

The groom is Bill’s cousin.  They were married inside a community church that has an atrium.  It was really pretty.  It gave it the feel of being outside.

Our family at the wedding.

This is the bride and groom at the reception.

Table decorations at the reception.  We ate some kind of chicken that sounded like it was straight off the food network.

Jemma dancing with Uncle Wayne, he is the grooms father.

We didn’t see the Genie, but stayed next door to The Aladdin Hotel.

I thought this building was cool with the green trim on the top.

You might not be able to see it very well, but there is a lost beef cow standing on top of a pillar in downtown KC.

10″ of rain would equal about 9 feet of snow

That’s what my math husband shared with me when he got home from summer school today.

This was the southside of our back yard during the worst of the 500 year rain.

More backyard shots.

At one point in time the entire breezeway was covered in water.  We didn’t have any damage that I know of except for a little rain in the fire place.

I guess we should be happy it wasn’t below 32 degrees.

Pablo refused to go out to the bathroom in the rain.  Justin finally got an umbrella, put the leash on Pablo, drug him outside and told the dog they weren’t going to go back inside until he went to the bathroom.  He finally did.

Time to change

This is the quilt I have hanging up for spring.  Now that the temperature is over 90 and almost summer it’s time to hang up the summer quilt.

This quilt was a project I taught in 2006 while I was teaching quilt classes at Hancock Fabrics.  This is a block of the month called A Gathering of Flowers.

I thought it was closed

Last week after we picked up Jemma from bible camp we stopped at our favorite restaurant in Moore.  We pulled up and there are no cars outside, no sign, etc.  I started to freak out.  Bill kept saying read the sign.  I couldn’ t see the sign.  As it turns out they moved to a new location.

It’s located on Riverwalk Dr. in Moore.  Did you know Moore had a river walk?

They have good burgers, but my favorite thing to get is their fried cheese.  Another reason we like this restaurant so much is because this is were Bill and I had our first date.  Not at this location, but at another location that isn’t there anymore.  They are also known for their fried peaches.

Jemma’s first bible camp

Jemma went to the Inside/Out Beginners camp sponsored by MRCC for first time campers.  She really enjoyed herself.  This was her first time to be away from Bill and I for that long, except when she stayed with my parents for spring break over a year ago.  Camp Rock Creek was located NE of Norman, so if I had to go get her it wasn’t far.  She had several church friends that went and a friend from school.

She was excited to be on the top bunk.

Jemma and her friend Aukia from school.

This is Leslie, Jemma’s cabin counselor.  I’ve had Leslie’s 2 boys in Sonshine School when I taught, so I was excited that she would have Jemma.  Her blog is The Proctors on the right.  You might check it out, since she said she would post pictures of camp.  Her husband was one of the directors and co-founders of this camp.

Here is a picture of all the campers and counselors. 

I always loved bible camp, so I am so glad that all three of my kids enjoy going.  Jemma said she would love to go next year, but she couldn’t go because it was for beginners.  I told her she would be able to go next year, it wasn’t just for first time campers.  I mentioned this to one of the directors at church tonight and she said they would drop the beginner part, but put it in the by line.