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Same day, 2 different looks

It was time for Butler’s summer haircut the other day.   The cut changes his attitude.  He actually barked at Pablo the other day when Pablo tried to take the bone that Butler had left in the yard.  I wouldn’t have believed it, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.  Butler never parks at Pablo or anyone else for that matter.

Happy 9th Birthday Jemma.

What I accomplished on my day off?

I took last Thurday off, because I have comp. time to use up  and I had to  finish this t-shirt quilt for J.J.  Her mom asked me in Jan. 2009 if I would make this for her for graduation.  She goes to church with us and attends school where Bill teaches. 

I also worked on Jemma’s birthday party, which I will post about later.

I also embroidered 16 out of 40 towels.  These towels are going to children that live at the Village of Hope in Ghana, Africa.  The students at Memorial Rd. in the elementary department have been sponsoring these children for 2 years.  The children at the Village of Hope don’t have towels and they don’t have anything except a bible with their name on it.  They got the bibles last year.

I think there was 240 some towels that were embroidered for children at the village by different people at Memorial Rd.

Do you know what yesterday was?

It was Secretary’s Day.   These are the things I got from some of the teachers and parents.

It was nice to be remembered with flowers and plants, chocolate covered strawberries, cards from students, Sonic gift card, Braum’s gift card, a candle and a gift certificate to get my nails done.  Yeah!

A month later

Justin finally had his birthday party Sat. night.

We took these boys to see the movie “How to tame a dragon.”  It was a good movie.  I was crying at the end of it.  Jemma said she had tears in her eyes also.  After you’ve seen the movie, I will share with you why I was crying.

Then we feed them pizza.

Gave them some cupcakes with lots of icing, let them hang out a little and sent them home.

Panic Moment

A friend from church asked me last year if I would make a t-shirt quilt for her daughter her senior year.  It has to be done by April 25th for senior night at church.

I worked on it over springbreak, but I haven’t had much time since.  Monday night I was finally ready to start quilting it.  I couldn’t get the tension on my machine set right.  Aughh!!  I probably worked about an hour trying to fix it myself.  Change thread, change needles, clean it out, etc.  Called a friend to double check I hadn’t missed something.  I finally called the repair man.  He came yesterday.  I also sat and messed with it Tuesday night also.  The timing was off and I had a few nicks on the bobbin case from breaking needles.  Since I took the day off yesterday, after he had been here I had almost 3 hours of uninterupted sewing.

Here are some other quilts I have made.

I made this quilt in Aug. 2007.  I gave it away as a baby gift, I just didn’t document who I gave it to.  If you recognize this quilt please let me know.

This t-shirt quilt was made in Nov. 2005 for Clegern Elementary and auctioned off.

This quilt was made and donated for a charity auction.  At the time I didn’t like the quilt very much, but I keep seeing the leftover scraps and like the scraps.

These little quilts were made in Dec. 2006 when my kids were in the Nutcracker.  Jemma has one of the bigger ones.  The blocks were embroider on my machine.

Bill’s most expensive blanket.

 Last summer when we were on vacation in South Dakota Bill let me stop at a quilt store.  I always ask to stop, but most of the time we don’t.  Jemma went in with me.  Anytime the kids have gone into a quilt store with me I let them get a fat quarter.  For non-quilting people a fat quarter is a piece of fabric 19″x 22″.  Bill knew that I let the kids get some fabric, he didn’t know it was supposed a fat quarter.  He went into the store with me which he doesn’t always do.  While I was shopping, Bill encouraged Jemma to pick out a piece of fabric.  She choose this cow hide looking fabric that was really soft and furry.  Bill didn’t bother to check the price.  It turns out it was Minkie fabric.  Minkie runs about $20 a yard.  He told her she could get a yard.  So at Christmas I went to Hancock’s and got a yard of plain brown Minkie imitation for about $10 a yard, sewed the right side together and then turned it rightside out to make a blanket for Jemma.


Will at the Round Barn

Will signed up through school for a cotillion.  They meet 4 different times through the year to learn social skills and manners.  I was all over the manners part.  I’m always happy for someone else to talk to my kids about manners besides me.

The last event was at the Round Barn in Arcadia, OK.   Bill and I chaperoned.  One of the things we did was setting out water bottles and filling cups with root beer.

The manners they learned about this night was thank you notes.  The other nights they learned about table manners, being friendly to everyone, and cell phone etiquette.   He also learned to line dance.

Sometimes Will tells me not to put certain things about him  on my blog.  I didn’t ask him about this event.

Funny things Justin says…

I was teaching Justin’s bible class tonight.  The lesson was about the 12 apostles.

I asked the question, “Where was Jesus when He called the fisherman to be His disciples?”  Justin says in the boat on the lake.   The correct answer I was looking for was  the Sea of Galilee. Techniquely he was correct.

And I thought my life was crazy during the week

We were in Dallas this past weekend for LTC.  Here was our schedule starting Friday afternoon.

4:40 Will’s song leading

7:00 pm Jemma’s Bible Reading

7:00 – 9:15 pm  Will and Justin at Bible Quiz.  No picture available.


8:10 am Will’s puppets (He is the middle puppet)

9:00 Justin and Jemma in Chorus

10:00 Jemma’s puppets.   I was one of her coaches.  I have no idea what I was doing.

10:30 Justin’s songleading

11:40 Jemma signing

1:00 Will’s chorus (no pictures available, but a very funny video where Will starts hiccuping half way through the performance)

1:20 Justin’s puppet show (his puppet has the purple hair)

2:00 Justin’s drama.  Justin is playing a snowman, and the sun is trying to melt him.

4:50 Will’s drama which actually took place at 5:30 because they were running behind.

I did manage to make it to every event except Bible Quiz.

The worst part of the weekend was actually that I forgot my make-up bag and flat iron in the hotel in Dallas.  Now I am paying the hotel to send my things to me in 2 days.