Monthly Archives: March 2010

It’s finally hanging

My friend Jaimie got it quilted right before Christmas.  I took it with me when we went to WI to work on the binding.  I got some of it done while in the car.   After watching the Olympics for 2 nights I got the rest of it done so I could hang it.

I really enjoyed watching the Olympics.  I was happy watching even the most obsure event.  I’m sad they are over.  Now I don’t have anything to watch.

Interruption in coverage and dislike for United Airlines

You may have noticed I didn’t post anything for 6 days.  Most of those days I was out of town.  The last day I was trying get over being gone.

Bill and I traveled to southern Ohio and West Virginia.  He received an alumni award from Ohio Valley University.

We flew into Cleveland, OH Thursday night.  As we approached the runway, the airport closed that runway.   On our second approach to the airport, they closed that runway.  On our third approach we got to land.  After we got off the plane, Bill got to talk to an Air Marshall.  The Air Marshall said we slid the whole way as we landed.

We rented a car, then went to our hotel.  It was about 1:00 am when we got to our hotel that night.

It was snowing before we landed and snowed continually until Sunday morning.

Friday night we went to “Expressions” which is OVU’s spring sing “like” production.  I have a hard time coming up with adjectives to describe Expressions.  They have 4 coed clubs that perform a musical type “singing, talking and choreography” performance.  The musical acts in between the club performances were also judged.

Sat. afternoon, we spent time with Gary and Sharon.  They are Mike’s parents.  Mike was Bill’s roommate all through college.

Sat. night was the banquet where Bill received the Medal of Merit in Education.

The couple in the picture with us is Teddy & Cheryl Tackett.  They are responsible for introducing Bill to church, studying with him and baptizing him.  Teddy received the Alumni award for Christian Service.  It was really neat to meet them and spend the evening with them.  They live in Parkersburg, WV.

We stayed with Jason and Lana while we were gone.  We lived next door to each other our last year at OC in the married apartments.  We shared lots of cheap meals with each other.  We had a great time catching up with them and getting to see their family again.  We stayed up late too many nights.

Lakia and Justin are the same age and share a birthday.

Monday afternoon before we flew home, we stopped and saw the tree that was planted in honor of Bill’s mom.  She was a council person for the Village of Glenwilllow for 26 years before she passed away.

Our flight home was another experience.  We flew out of Cleveland a little late and when we got to Chicago, we sat on the runway for 35 min. until a gate opened up.  Then we had to wait for all the carry-on luggage that was to big to go in the overhead compartments to be taken from below the plane.  That took another 15 min.  After all was said and done we missed our flight to OKC.

When we got to the customer service desk, the woman that helped us had a heavy Mexican accent said she could put us on a plane to San Fransisco.  I decided that she need to know her geography because if she had known it, she might have gotten us on the flight to Tulsa or Dallas.  Instead we ended up on a flight to Kansas City.  We got our rental car at 11:30 pm and drove all the way back to OKC.  We got home at 5:00 am, slept 1 1/2 hours, got up, and went to work.  I was so busy at work on Tues. I didn’t have time to get tired.  Tues. night I was in bed by 8:45 pm.

We had a great time while we were gone reconnecting with friends from the past.  I just wish the traveling hadn’t been so hard.

Jemma Teaching the Babies

Jemma and I have been teaching the babies on Wed. night at church.  Tonight was our last night.

Jemma set up the classroom, lead the singing, handed the toys to the babies and cleaned up.  She practiced the songs at home several times before the quarter even started.  She also read the teacher instructions thoroughly.  One Wed. night we got to class 10 min. early, she later told me we needed to get there sooner than that so she had more time to set up.  I was very proud of her for taking her responsiblity so seriously.

I sat behind the babies and tried to keep them in their chairs and checked for dirty diapers.  Jemma said I was on poop patrol.  It was hard work keeping them in their chairs some nights, especially after working all day.