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8th wonder of the world

and I haven’t been there in years. 

In Jan. I took Jemma’s girl scout troop to the costume shop at OC.  Did you know such a place existed?

Dr. Alexander is still in charge and his granddaughter is in my troop so he was very happy to let us take a tour.

He let the girls try on different hats and model them.

We went up into the loft and saw all the costumes hanging up there.

Look at all those hats.

The girls also got to dress up.

One of the reason I think this place is so cool is because this was my work study job for three years while I was at OC.  It was the first time I got to use my sewing skills to make money.

Creative Side of Spring Break


Jemma and a friend went to one of my quilting friends house for the day during spring break for sewing camp.  Each girl made 2 skirts, one they got to keep the other one is being donated to a non-profit organization that has people sew clothes for children and has giveaways three times a year.

I used the leftover fabric from Jemma’s skirt and made her and her friend headbands.  Jemma and her friend picked the same fabric.

This is my Easter t-shirt.

I made 2 pillowcase dresses.  I mailed one off before I got a picture of it.

I also worked on a t-shirt quilt during spring break.

The new math- Bracketology

A friend of Justin’s invited the boys and Bill to join March Madness.  His friend is a big Oklahoma State Fan and  drove to Wisconsin to watch them loose last weekend.  So they filled out brackets.  The boys have never filled out brackets before, so they are learning a lot.   Will is currently tied for 1st in a pool of about 35 people.  He was really upset when Kansas lost yesterday it messed up his brackets.

Change of Seasons

Spring means track.

Today was Will’s first track meet.

He threw shot put and the discus.  He practiced everyday during spring break.

By the time I got off work he was done throwing the discus, so I didn’t get any pictures of that.  He threw 79 feet 7.5 inches.  He got 6th place.

He placed 3rd in shot put.  He threw 30 feet 6 inches.  He has another track meet Thursday.

Track meets are nice when it is over 70 degrees out and the sun is shining.

Spring Break Highlights

My parents came for a visit and Pablo decided he liked my dad enough to take a nap with him.  Pablo takes a long time to warm up to everyone.

This is Bill and his Blackberry Upside Down birthday cake.

Justin riding on the birthday saddle at the Texas Roadhouse Restaraunt.

Justin’s chocolate chip cookie cake with matches to make up enough candles.

And the snow.

National Quilting Day

National Quilting Day  is March 20th.  I have plenty to keep me busy tomorrow, especially if we get the 6-14 inches of snow the weather man is predicting.

My older sister and I made this quilt for my younger sister when she got married a couple of years ago.  She got married on the beach so we choose these fabrics that looked like the beach and water.


I don’t understand Sudoku’s.  All the numbers and blank spaces make my eyes go crossed. 

I finally understand what they want in a Sudoku after I made this quilt for Bill a couple of years ago.  I still don’t want to do them, but I understand it after I saw it in color.

Happy Birthday Justin

Justin turns 11 today.  I can’t believe he’s that old.

Happy Birthday Bill on March 15th.

I won’t tell everyone how old you are!

I’m a bad wife because I don’t have anything for your birthday and I don’t have a birthday cake made either.  I guess that means I have to go shopping, good thing it’s spring break.

Been there, done that

Soccer season has started again.  Justin played his first game last Sat.  He got there with 15 min. left of the game because we over booked him with a Boy Scout event that day also.  The game was tied 1-1 whe we got there and that’s how it ended, until the shoot out.  The last fall the last game of the season ended in a nerve wracking shoot out also.

Justin is behind those boys.  He made the only save of the shoot out and won the game for his team.  His team is playing in the next division up since they went undefeated last season.  I hope we don’t have shoot outs every game.   Sorry my blog is not listening to my computer when it comes to turning pictures this morning.