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Another installment of Holiday shirts

Please turn your computer screen sideways to see this picture.  I don’t know why the computer wouldn’t to it’s job and turn it.

Here’s my shirt for St. Patrick’s day.  I just realized that Easter isn’t that far off, so I need to start working on my Easter shirt.

I don’t have to go anymore…

Our normal routine is going to a boy scout meeting the 2nd and 4th Tues. of the month.  Jemma and I would sit in the back of the room and do homework, since she has ballet after school.  We don’t have to go anymore because…Justin is an official Boy Scout.  Bill now gets to take both boys to the same meeting and Jemma and I can stay home.

Will was at Justin’s crossover ceremony and presented Justin with the neckerchief to his new troop.

Bill was Justin’s den leader so he got to present Justin with his arrow of light award.

I’m very proud of Justin for all his hard work.

First Haircut

I know that sounds like an odd title considering my kids are older, but Justin got his first haircut by someone else other than his dad on Friday night.

He was a beauty shop virigin.  At 20 months old, Bill gave Justin his first big haircut with clippers.  I was out of town with my sister, so I wasn’t around to witness his curls getting cut off.   Thank goodness for video cameras, I think.  He had a lot of fun having the chair raised and lowered.  Linda also has a stool that she sits on to cut hair, Justin had a blast spinning around on it also.

I took this picture on my phone since I realized while I was there that this was Justin’s first haircut.

He actually combs his hair now.  It’s been funny to watch him learning how to do this since he is almost 11.

Cheaper Valentine Treats

I wanted to do something different for Bill and the kids for Valentine’s Day, so I went to the Edible Arrangement store.  I went on Thursday afternoon.  The first thing I found out was that they think their fruit is very special.  Alot more special than I was willing to pay.  The second thing I found out was, I was a day late in ordering, to get it in time for Valentine’s Day.  I took one of their brochures and it showed what their fruit looked like after it was dipped in chocolate.  I decided I could do that myself.  I went to the grocery store and bought strawberries, green apples, and chocolate.  Then I went to Hobby Lobby and bought sticks.  Here is what I came up with.











When Bill got home from work  Jemma says, look Dad an edible arrangement!  Bill says, who sent that to us. 


I’ve never dipped anything in chocolate, but it’s kind of fun and goes pretty fast.  I think I saved myself at least $50.  You can find my motivation at if you want to .

Guess who I am sleeping with now!

I am sleeping with the middle people child.  See I have proof.





I used to have to sleep in a really small crate, but now the people mom trusts me enough that I don’t have to sleep in that metal box.   So I started sleeping on the couch.


Now, I go to bed when the middle people child does, I get up when the people  dad sends me and Butler out to go to the bathroom one last time, then I sneek back upstairs and sleep all night long with the middle people child.



UFO done



I finished this quilt last weekend.  I had the heart blocks done since 2005 and layed it out last summer to put together.  I didn’t get in done then, so when I went to put it together now, I couldn’t remember what I had decided to do before.  My mom was here when I layed it out last summer and she couldn’t remember how I had it layed out either.  Next time I better draw it out if I don’t get to it very soon.

How to get your Daughter involved in something you know nothing about.

Jemma wanted to get into scrapbooking.  I know nothing about this.  I admire people that do it, but I have decided to not start another hobby.  I use my blog as my scrapbook. 


So I did the next best thing and went to Hobby Lobby to do some research on the subject.  I asked one of the managers what they would recommend.  After getting their advice and consulting my 40% off coupon.  I purchased a book for Santa to give to Jemma for Christmas.


She was very excited.  On a Sat. afternoon she put all the pages together.  She didn’t put pictures on them yet, but she put all the designs together.  I liked the book I choose because it had a template on how to put every page together.






Wall of Shame

Justin refers to this wall in his room as “The Wall of Shame”





The reason he says that is because it doesn’t have anything on it. 


We have lived in this house just over 3 years and I painted his room the first week we moved in.  It originally was lavendar, which he called purple.  I let him choose the color. 


 He has suggested several things to hang on the wall.  Many of them were real small and would have looked dwarf on his wall.


This weekend we finally hung this.





This quilt is actually Bill’s quilt.  I made it for him (with the help from a few friends) when he became Dr. Bill in Dec. of 2005 from OU.


Justin is just excited that his wall is no longer naked.



No humans were harmed in the making of this play.



That is the last line that Justin said as the curtain was closing during his latest play at church.




 Justin is playing Shadrach.  Here is where they are thrown in the fiery furnace and the angel appears.




They are now standing in front of the king after coming out of the furnace.


He really enjoys participating in these plays.


This play took place last November.   I recently ran across these pictures and remembered I hadn’t posted about it.

New Year’s resolutions & help from snow days



Besides loosing weight, reading my bible more, exercising more; one of my new years resolutions is to not buy any new fabric unless it will help me finish a quilt project and finish unfinished quilt projects (ufo’s).  I have lots of ufo’s, so I don’t need any more fabric for motivation.  Bill was very excited about this because he thinks he will  save money.  The four snow days we just had helped my cause by getting things done.  I completed the above quilt during the snow days and pieced another quilt top.  I ran out of time to quilt it since I have to go back to work tomorrow.  The blocks were done for the quilt above I just had to sash it and quilt it.





This  table topper quilt I finished during the snow day we had Jan. 7th. 

I also finished the little Valentine quilts I gave away during the 4 days off.